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This is a list of instances where a certain character cried and why.


Episode Reason
Dexter Dodgeball Although he wasn't really crying, his eyes welled up with tears after he got hit in his groin on Friday.
Dexter's Rival He cried three times in this episode:
  • When Mandark quickly turned out to be better than him.
  • Mandark ordered him to shut his lab down, and he spent the rest of the night at his house crying.
  • The next day at school, he cried because his teachers ignored him.
Jurassic Pooch He cried because his experiment ended up as a failure when he was missing two DNA components: A heart and a brain.
Dollhouse Drama He cried when he broke Dee Dee's Darbie doll, thinking that he was still in a relationship with her.
The Big Cheese He cried when his laboratory entered a meltdown process since he was unable to get in.
Spacecase He cried because Dee Dee went with the aliens, and he missed her badly.
Dexter's Debt He started crying, and then begged Dee Dee to loan some of her money to him.
The Koos is Loose He ordered Koosy to go away, but soon regretted it and jumped into Koosy's arms while crying.
Shoo, Shoe Gnomes At the end of this episode, he cried after his repaired boot got ruined again.
Game Show He cried when Dee Dee revealed that he was the most important thing to her.
Filet of Soul He cried because he fears that he and Dee Dee won't catch Fishy.
Golden Diskette He cried when he didn't win a golden diskette, but Dee Dee did.
Ewww That's Growth He cried because he didn't get to ride a roller coaster with his family due to his short stature.
Ocean Commotion He cried when he found out that Dee Dee couldn't return since she was captured by pirates.
911 He cried at the end because he didn't get to see the entire episode of Action Hank due to it getting interrupted by the Emergency Broadcast System.
Picture Day He cried after realizing how ugly he was in his school photo.
No Power Trip He cried because he didn't heed what Computer said about using too much power in his lab.
Sister Mom He cried in humiliation when Mom kept flattering him.
Coupon for Craziness During his keyboard lesson, he damaged his index finger and ran crying to Dextor's mom.
Critical Gas He told Computer that he was doing a permanent system shutdown after coming under the belief that he was going to die after eating a Big Bad Burrito from Burrito Palace.
Average Joe He had tears in his eyes while saying goodbye to Computer after he was labeled as average.
Mind Over Chatter He cried because his mind got him in trouble after his meeting with Mrs. Morris.
If Memory Serves During a flashback, he cried after seeing his great aunt Dextamina, whose appearance greatly horrified him.
Opposites Attract He cried because Mom broke the polarity remote, causing him to be stuck with Dee Dee.
Dexter's Library He cried because he was slammed with the "maximum library penalty" by Ms. Salinger, which means he can only check out four books instead of five.

Dee Dee[]

Episode Reason
DeeDeemensional She cried because Past Dexter refused to accept the message that his present self told him to give to his past self, which the latter mistook as Dee Dee infiltrating his lab.
Game Over She sheds a tear when Dexter yells at her after beating him at Master Computer.
Dollhouse Drama She cried when Dexter broke her dollhouse after he returned to normal size.
Way of the Dee Dee She cried after seeing Dexter destroy his own lab, scaring her in the process.
Monstory She cried because Dexter refused to listen to her story after he told her several times not to.
That Crazy Robot Two reasons:
  • She cried when her Disco Ben doll got broken after Mee Mee threw it at the wall.
  • She cried while Dexter made fun of her as she pleaded for his help.
The Koos is Loose She wanted Koosy back after Dexter sent him away.
Dee Dee Be Deep She cried because her audition for the school choir didn't go over well due to her baritone voice.
911 She cried after seeing a "sad ending" during the EBS.
Dee Dee's Tail She cried two times in this episode:
  • She cried because she wanted to be a real Pony Puff Princess instead of pretending.
  • She cried again because Dexter and her friends Lee Lee and Mee Mee used her for free rides and wished they would stop.
Opposites Attract She cried when Dexter's invention prevented her from going near him.
Dexter the Barbarian Dexter made her cry when his imagination took over him.


Episode Reason
Topped Off Near the end of the episode, she and Dad cried when Dexter and Dee Dee drank all of the coffee.
Don't Be A Baby She cried three times in the episode:

  • She cried after she slid out of Dexter's hands, which ended with her getting a hard landing on the carpet.
  • She cried when Dad hit her.
  • She cried when she got sprayed with two water jets while riding the conveyor belt.
Dexter vs. Santa's Claws She cried after Dexter destroyed the Christmas tree, as well as the family room.


Episode Reason
Topped Off Near the end of the episode, he and Mom cried when Dexter and Dee Dee drank all of the coffee.
Filet of Soul While leaving the bathroom, he cried after telling Dexter and Dee Dee to say goodbye to their deceased goldfish Fishy.
Dad is Disturbed He cried because his wife and his two children interrupted his TV time by taking over his chair, causing him to miss out on the golf tournament.
Average Joe He cried tears of joy when Old Man McCowsky told him that his "little pig" was found, unaware that the "little pig" was actually his son Dexter.


Episode Reason
Mandarker At the beginning of the episode, he cried after he had a nightmare regarding Dexter.
A Mandark Cartoon Near the end of the episode, he cried in tune to his laugh because his plan to take over Dexter's lab failed.
A Boy Named Sue In his infancy flashbacks, he cried three times in this episode:
  • When his parents decided to name him Susan, he cried over having a female name.
  • When he discovered his first piece of technology, he cried in joy.
  • When Oceanbird handed him a flower with a bee on it, the bee stung the top of his head and he started crying.

Other characters[]

Character Episode Reason
Simion Dial M for Monkey: Simion He cried when Monkey gave him a banana, which reminded him of his joyful past.
Agent Honeydew Dial M for Monkey: Orgon Grindor She cried when Monkey was kidnapped, which interrupted their date.
Monkey Dial M for Monkey: Orgon Grindor He cried after defeating Orgon Grindor.
Major Glory Star Spangled Sidekicks He cried after Dee Dee entered the scene and gave a touching speech.
Lisa Babysitter Blues She cried when she thought Jeff broke up with her when it was really Dexter trying to end their relationship.
Lucky & Pierre Accent You Hate They cried after Gary punched both of them for their French and Irish accents respectively.
Number 12 Ego Trip After being flogged by Executive Mandark, he cried when he saw his past self because he was worried that he would hurt him.
Ms. L Dexter's Library During one of Dexter's imaginary sequences, she cried because Dexter's actions damaged her reputation as a librarian.