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Dexter and other characters or things from Dexter's Laboratory have appeared in media besides itself. Outside media has featured many cameos and references to Dexter's Laboratory.


  • In the episode "The Contest", the Brain tells the story about a hair growth formula, with it being a parody of Dexter's Laboratory. Alan "The Brain" Powers plays Dexter, Francine Frensky and Muffy Crosswire are look-alikes of Dee Dee, and Arthur Read plays the unnamed lab assistant.

Codename: Kids Next Door/The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy[]

  • In the episode "The Grim Adventures of the Kids Next Door", when the Delightful Reaper was getting destroyed by Numbuh 1 and Grim, characters from other Cartoon Network shows were flying out of it. Dexter, Dee Dee, and Mandark can be seen flying out as well. Which means the Delightful Reaper had, off-screen, came to Dexter's hometown, Genius Grove, and absorbed the three of them in. Also, in the ending credits, one of the crossover parodies was a crossover between Dexter's Laboratory and My Gym Partner's a Monkey. It was called "My Gym Partner's a Mandark" and it had Mandark swinging on Jake's tail.

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy[]

  • In the episode "Billy and Mandy Moon the Moon", one scene shows cardboard cutouts of Dexter and characters from other Cartoon Network shows.

Craig of the Creek[]

  • In the episode "Kelsey the Elder", several references are made to former Cartoon Network shows, and Dexter’s Laboratory is one of them. An image of Dexter is also seen on a paper in the episode.

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends[]

  • In the episode "Eddie Monster", a boy resembling Dexter makes an appearance, alongside the Eds from Ed, Edd n Eddy
  • In the Thanksgiving special "Good Wilt Hunting", two of the characters are nerdy men named Adam and Douglas, who resemble adult versions of Dexter and Mandark respectively. Douglas' voice also sounds similar to Mandark's.


  • In the episode "Once Upon a Toon", one of the original Cartoon Network characters was Dexter. Also, Dee Dee was seen as the one who got rid of all the old Cartoon Network shows.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic[]

  • In the episode "A Friend in Deed", Pinkie Pie's line "Ooh, what does this bauble do?" is a reference to Dee Dee's catchphrase "Ooh, what does this button do?"


Robot Chicken[]

  • In the episode "Never Forget", Dexter tries to apply to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but is rejected due to not having spent time doing extracurricular activities. After being rejected, Dexter takes revenge on MIT by shrinking the campus and putting it into a bottle. Dee Dee runs into his lab and tells him that she got accepted into MIT, Harvard and Yale because she is "well rounded".
  • In the episode "May Cause Internal Diarrhea", Dexter invents the Mom-Droid and puts her up for commercial sale.

The Powerpuff Girls[]

  • In the episode "Powerpuff Bluff", Dexter is seen sleeping amongst the many kindergarteners at Pokey Oaks Kindergarten.
  • In the episode "Beat Your Greens", Dexter's Dad is working.
  • In the episode "Criss Cross Crisis", as Professor Utonium was switching everybody's bodies, one of Ms. Bellum's transformations featured Dexter in place of her.
  • In the episode "Ploys R Us", three of the plush dolls among the many toys that Professor Utonium took from the store resembled Dexter, Dee Dee, and Monkey.
  • In the episode "Imaginary Fiend", Koosy made a cameo as one of Bubbles' imaginary friends. Everyone kept responding with "Nobody likes that Koos jerk."
  • In the episode "Forced Kin", Dexter was one of the people standing on the sidewalk.
  • In the episode "Members Only", The Justice Friends all gathered up in a superhero meeting. This included Major Glory, Valhallen, Living Bullet, White Tiger, Tiki Torch, Rasslor, and Comrade Red. Krunk, despite being mentioned by Buttercup, does not make a cameo.
  • In the episode "Toast of the Town", The Mayor was in Professor Utonium's lab and he went up to a button and said "Oooh! What does this button do?" This was a reference to Dee Dee.
  • In the episode "Prime Mates", Mojo Jojo was sleeping with a Monkey doll.
  • In the episode "Bought and Scold", the narrator describes several villains in one word. Quackor appears and is said to be "fowl", which itself references the episode that she debuted in.

Underfist: Halloween Bash[]

  • Billy’s scientist costume is a reference to Dexter’s usual outfit.