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Foofie! Supper time!”
Lee Lee's Mom

Lee Lee's Mom
Gender Female
Species Human
Family Lee Lee (daughter),
Foofie (pet)
Occupation Housewife
First Appearance Up A Tree
Voiced By Lauren Tom

Lee Lee's Mom is the nameless mother of Lee Lee. Not much is known about her, and only her hands briefly appear in the Dexter's Laboratory comic "Up A Tree", where she went to feed the family's pet cat Foofie. She also appeared on TV at some point with Mee Mee's Mom.


Lee Lee's mom is Asian and has black hair worn in a bun and tan skin. She wears cyan earrings, cyan kitchen rubber gloves, a grayish-purple shirt, pink pants or a skirt and a light blue apron, similar to Dexter and Dee Dee's mom. In Up a Tree she wore a large orange bracelet on her right wrist.


  • In her comic debut, her daughter Lee Lee was mistakenly called Mee Mee.


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