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  • Reynolds: (as they start to tie up Badaxtra) Yee-haw! Now let's hogtie this sucker.
  • Commander: Egad! Heroes of Earth, I've gathered you all here at Global Security Command Satellite, to help find the resolution to this catastrophe. The Justice Friends must unite, to end this monster's rampage on our fair planet.
  • Major Glory: By Washington's wig, (he pounds the table) the Commander General is right! (pounds the table again) The Justice Friends will unite, and we WILL end this monster's wrath on our planet. Justice Friends, assemble! (they all fly off into space as Major Glory names the members of the team) Major Glory, Valhallen, The Infraggable Krunk, Living Bullet, Capital G, Sam-R-I, White Tiger, Tiki Torch!
  • (they land on Earth, strike a pose, and begin fighting Badaxtra with all of their strengh, Capital G pushes them aside)
  • Capital G: Stand back, 'cause once I reach my maximum size, I'll be living large. (Capital G grows up to the size of a skyscraper, unfortunately, not big enough for the size of Badaxtra, so, Badaxtra shoos him away)
  • Tiki Torch: What this monster needs, is a Honolulu Hot Foot! (Tiki Torch places his body underneath Badaxtra's foot then takes a breath, and lights himself on fire, giving them a nasty hotfoot, Badaxtra looks down notices this and gets a deadpan reaction from this)
  • Badaxtra: (as he hogs a loogie and then spits it out) Ptooie! (the loogie lands on Tiki Torch, thus failing his plan)
  • Krunk, Sam-R-I, and Living Bullet: Eww!
  • Valhallen: (as he stands on the top of a roof) Beware the viking god of rock. For with the power of my mighty ax, I rule! (he loudly plays his trademark guitar music, causing all the other Justice Friends, citizens, and even Badaxtra to cover their ears and scream in annoyance. Before the battle could be won, several of Valhallen's fans land on him, this making him lose)
  • Krunk: (screams and runs over to Badaxtra's leg, and heavily lifts him up into the sky)
  • Major Glory: (smiles) Oh, nice job, Krunk. Well done. Yeah. (Badaxtra lands back on Earth crashing the remaining Justice Friends as the Commander watches)
  • Commander: The Justice Friends have fallen. This leaves me with one option. (he flies off in his monitor that is filled with bullets)
  • Dee Dee: U-N-I-T-Y! That's unity!
  • Dad: Secret laboratory?! Now, Dexter, we need to straight a few things up with this secret laboratory business!, (when Dexter eventually erased their memories) Where- Where am I?
  • Mom: What Happened?
  • Mom & Dad: Honey, You look great! (When Monkey also erased Dexter's memories as well)
  • Dexter: Where am I? (Monkey laughs)
  • Mandark: Yeah, I did it! I did it!, I defeated the giant monster, I'm the greatest genius this world has ever known, all hail Mandark the genius, all hail Mandark the genius, sing this song of Mandark, the greatest genius this world has ever known
  • Dexter: I wish that I could saved the world from the giant monster. (Dee Dee waves goodbye to the audience)

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