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Large Dealer
Large Dealer
Gender Female
Species Human
Affiliations Darbie, Darbie High Priestess
Occupation Trader
Interests Selling Darbie Dolls
First Appearance Star Check Unconventional
Voiced By Rob Paulsen

“You're ruined the collector's value! NEVER REMOVED FROM BOX!”
Large Dealer, Star Check Unconventional

The Large Dealer is an unnamed minor character in Dexter's Laboratory. She only appeared in the episode "Star Check Unconventional", where she served as one of the main antagonists.


The Large Dealer is a tall, rotund woman. She has curly brown hair and wears an orange sleeveless turtleneck shirt with brown pants and white shoes.


Star Check Unconventional[]

Dexter and his friends came to her booth and asked for a "bilithium crystal", but she mistook it for Bicentenial Kristal, the rarest Darbie doll in existence. After explaining the concept of NRFB (Never Removed From Box) and NB (No Box), Dexter asked for and got a Bicentenial Kristal doll in a box. While Dexter tried to negotiate payment, one of Dexter's friends who was cosplaying as Star Check character Dr. "Skins" McBoy mistook the doll for a small woman in suspended animation and opened the box trying to revive her, completely angering the dealer and all the other collectors for ruining the collector's value of the doll. After Dexter said he would take responsibility for McBoy's actions, the Darbie High Priestess sentenced him to face the dealer in a duel with bladed weapons called turpols. As they battled, another of Dexter's friends who was cosplaying as Star Check character Spork interfered and tried to incapacitate her with a nerve pinch, but she was unaffected and backfisted him away. She manages to break Dexter's turpol, but Dexter overwhelms her with his unarmed combat skills, then seizes her turpol and trips her with it. She falls to the ground, knocked out.


  • She is an obvious parody of the Klingons from the 1966 television series Star Trek.


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