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Dyno-Might "Dyno-Might" Premiere Order
"Last But Not Beast" Last But Not Beast
Dyno-Might "Dyno-Might" Production Order
"Last But Not Beast" Last But Not Beast
Season 2, Episode 38b
Episode name reference to/pun on: The words "laboratory" and "libretto"
Air date May 6, 1998
Production number 238b
Written by Dave Smith
Directed by Genndy Tartakovsky

LABretto is the second part of the 38th episode in season 2 of Dexter's Laboratory. The episode is a retelling of how Dexter's lab came to being in the form of an opera.


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  • This episode shows Dexter getting his first pair of glasses from a doctor shortly after his birth.
  • The majority of the characters' lines are sung rather than spoken.
  • This is the sixth episode where Dexter is in his underwear, albeit a diaper. The other episodes where Dexter is in his big-boy underwear are Dimwit Dexter, The Big Sister, Way of the Dee Dee, Tribe Called Girl, Chicken Scratch, Streaky Clean, Smells Like Victory, and Average Joe.
  • This is pretty much the only episode where Dexter put his clothes on.
  • This is the first episode to not have a "The End" title card.
  • This episode is also a track in Dexter's Laboratory: The Musical Time Machine.
  • In the Cartoon Network Prime Cuts version of the first act some scenes are slightly altered these include Dad not sliding away with the background to Mom on the bed and a different shot of Mom when she's screaming in labor.


  • When Mom is at the hospital, she has different hairstyle, however, when she and Dad come home, her hair is same as in the present.
    • One possible explanation for this is that she simply didn't have chance to fix her hair while in the hospital.
  • Dexter's First Invention as seen in this episode is notably different when compared to how it did in "Lab of the Lost". The outer wooden shape with a metal surface remains the same, but in this episode, it is a pear grabber and in "Lab of the Lost" it is an alarm.
    • One possible explanation for this is that the writers forgot about the device from "Lab of the Lost" or that the device seen here was not intended to be his first invention.

Cultural References[]

  • Dad starts to sing "I Finally Have a Son" to the tune of "Fight On," the fight song of the USC Trojans.
  • When Dexter Said "I Had No Time For Snacks And Cheez-It" well Cheez-It was also a real snack box.

Production Notes[]

  • This episode along with "Dyno-Might" were produced in the same year of 1998 according to the credits.