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Krunk's Room

Krunk's... uh... room

Krunk's Room is The Infraggable Krunk's bedroom in the Muscular Arms apartment building. The room itself is a very simple accommodation befitting Krunk's childish personality.


Krunk Door

The door to Krunk's room in "Can't Nap".

The door leading into the room is the same color and design as the rest of the ordinary doors in the apartment, having no real unique details to it, however Krunk rarely, if ever, uses his door and instead just smashes through the wall, leaving a huge hole right next to the door.

The room itself is one of the smaller and more simpler rooms in the apartment, having dark navy blue carpeting, sky blue wallpaper with light blue lines that has yellow ducky and pink butterfly patterns. The room is incredibly messy and over-cluttered, filled mostly with Krunk's toys, his toy chest, his exercise equipment (which consists of barbells of varying sizes, a punching bag and a medicine ball) and junk Krunk has found outside, like a drive thru sign, a large winch drum with a thick rope, a fire hydrant, pieces of concrete and a small submarine. The room has a single bedroom which is mostly cracked and the wall around it is damaged due to the harsh way in which Krunk opens it which involves pushing it and the entire wall upward.

Krunk's bed is a children's red race car bed with a "7" on its side. It has a fuzzy blue blanket and a white pillow on it, and behind the pillow are several large books (a surprising presence considering Krunk's dimwitted nature). On top of his bed is also where he rests his Teddy.