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Koosland, also less commonly known as Planet Koos, is Dee Dee's imagination had been creating philanthropic imaginary friends since she was a baby. This gave birth to the imaginary world Koosland. Koosland is an imaginary land filled with happiness and joy and fun adventures that is filled with colors and sparkling magic and cartoonish fairy tale-like wonder. Dee Dee is sometimes going into there to play with her imaginary friend, Koosy. Dee Dee has the ability to make whatever she imagines become real, and she has a portal to her not-so-imaginary land behind her bookshelf hidden from her parents the same way Dexter hides his lab which makes it questionable why Dee Dee would always go into Dexter's lab and messes around in there if she has her own laboratory/hideout. Koosy is one of the most known inhabitants of Koosland who is also Dee-Dee's favorite.



Koosland royal castle.

Koosland is an imaginary world of happiness, beauty, where cute, harmless creatures live. The happiness is almost never disturbed, with an exception being the Jeepers, Creepers, Where Is Peepers? short, when the evil character Hookocho tries to destroy it.

Peepers is the first creation of Dee Dee's mind, the first creature in Koosland, thus being left responsible for the well-being of the entire land. It is told that he gave away so much happiness for all the creatures in Koosland that there was no more left for himself.


  • Koosland seems to resemble a kingdom or realm one would see in a fairy tale or a Disney movie.

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