Jimmy Smith
Aliases Average Boy, Jim Smith
Gender Male
Species Human
Family Jimmy Smith's Mom
Occupation Student
Interests Ding Dong ditching, watching TV, Playing with Chris, Doing Average Stuff
First Appearance Average Joe

Jimmy Smith is a kid Dexter met in the episode "Average Joe". He is a stereotypical teenage boy who acts very average and does normal things that teenage boys do.


Jimmy is a tall teenage boy with long light brown hair that goes down to his neck. He wears a light blue shirt with a yellow spot on it and a pair of blue shorts and sandals.


Jimmy acts like a stereotypical teenage boy. Jimmy seems to be very calm and laid back however, he seems depressed but he is still a fun loving guy who enjoys going out with his friends and doing fun things.


Average Joe

Shortly after he received the results of his IQ test which said he was of average intelligence, Dexter came to Jimmy's house and met up with him in hopes that he could teach him how to be average. He is friends with a boy named Chris. After they all met up, the boys decided to go and play a doorbell prank on Old Man McCowsky. Once it was Dexter's turn, Dexter rang the doorbell, but didn't know that he was caught as the boys try to tell Dexter to run. Dexter was then captured as the boys ran away.

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