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Jeffrey M. "Jeff" DeGrandis (born December 1, 1957) is an American animation director and producer. He was a Supervising Producer on Dora the Explorer, Go, Diego, Go!, and Ni Hao Kai Lan. He recently produced, directed, voice directed and created The Finster Finster Show! short for Random! Cartoons and voiced Chicken #1.

Born and raised in Colts Neck, New Jersey, DeGrandis studied animation at the California Institute of the Arts. Prior to entering CalArts, he graduated from Christian Brothers Academy and Monmouth University. DeGrandis got his first big break working on Chuck Jones' segment on the 1992 movie Stay Tuned, and his first television animation work was on The Ren and Stimpy Show.

His other credits include God, the Devil and Bob (supervising producer & director), Toonsylvania (producer), The Shnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show (co-producer with Bill Kopp and director), Mad Jack the Pirate (director), Capertown Cops (writer), Dexter's Laboratory (storyboard artist), Timon and Pumbaa (director), Mighty Ducks (timing director) and Animaniacs (director).

DeGrandis also wrote, produced, storyboard designed and directed the 2001 animated direct to video film Timber Wolf.

In addition to his animation work, DeGrandis is also noted for his drawings of drag racing cars, which emulate the style of one of DeGrandis' early influences, Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. He has also been an active drag racer as well.