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"Ice Cream Scream"
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Ice Cream Scream
Season 2, Episode 14c
Episode name reference to/pun on: The phrase "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream."
Ice Cream Scream title card
Air date October 15, 1997
Production number 215c
Written by Craig McCracken (Art Director)
Storyboard by Kevin Kaliher
Directed by Robert Alvarez

Ice Cream Scream is the third segment of the fourteenth episode in season 2 of Dexter's Laboratory. It first aired on October 15, 1997.

In this episode, Dexter becomes fixated on getting ice cream from the ice cream truck as it goes down Genius Grove, but when it refuses to stop for him, he creates several obstacles to do so.


As Dexter turned bolts in the lab with his wrench, he suddenly hears the sound of an ice cream truck coming up the street, prompting him to race out of his lab to get some money. He checks his piggybank, but doesn't find any money in there. Dexter then goes to ask Dad for money, but he doesn't have any, and as he pulls a coin out of Dexter's ear via a magic trick, he makes it disappear.

Dexter then runs to the kitchen to ask Mom for money, who slowly gives him some. After getting money from her, Dexter races outside to find that the ice cream truck had already driven off and watches in dismay as several others lick their frozen treats. He catches a drop of a chocolate popsicle that Dee Dee was licking and pops out a quarter. As Dee Dee licks her popsicle some more, quarters rain down on Dexter and bury him.

The next day, Dexter tests his newest invention out: He coats his hands with glue and flies toward the change jar in his lab. He then appeared outside via the family mailbox with coins stuck to his hands. However, just after getting outside, Dexter notices the long line of customers and jumps on the line to race toward the serving window. As Dexter nears the ice cream truck, the window closes and drives off, with the customers departing shortly after.

On the third day, Dexter uses a giant magnet to pull the ice cream truck toward him. The ice cream man opens his truck's serving window and sees Dexter, to which he immediately closes it and leaves his ice cream truck via a bike. On the fourth day, Dexter activates a laser between two fire hydrants that, when triggered, throws the person underneath the sidewalk. The first victim was the paperboy, and just as Dexter got ready for the ice cream truck to hit the laser, Dad runs toward the front of the truck and gets thrown under the sidewalk shortly after. The lasers deactivate and the ice cream man continues on his way.

On the fifth day, Dexter sees the ice cream truck pass by him and prepares a grappling hook and a pair of skis underneath his boots. When the hook latches on to the truck, Dexter flies through traffic and tries to stop it, but is caught off-guard as Mailman Mel tells Dexter he landed in the mail truck and not the ice cream truck. Dexter then asks Mel to go after the ice cream truck just as it passes by them. While intercepting, the ice cream man causes Mel to fall off a cliff, with the mail truck plummeting along with him.

At the ice cream truck, the irate Dexter asks the ice cream man why he doesn't stop for him anymore. The ice cream man then goes on a monologue of why he stopped giving Dexter ice cream. Realizing his mistake, Dexter apologizes for everything he caused and the ice cream man agrees to put the past behind him. He then gives Dexter a chocolate popsicle. Dexter hands him $100 and asks if the ice cream man has change for it, causing the ice cream man to scream in anger once more.




  • This episode marks the final appearance of Mailman Mel.

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