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Ice Cream Man
Gender Male
Species Human
Affiliations His ex-girlfriend
Occupation Ice Cream vendor
Interests Not giving Dexter ice cream
First Appearance Ice Cream Scream
Voiced By Tom Kenny

The Ice Cream Man is a tall lanky fellow dressed in pink with a Scandinavian accent who delivers ice cream to children in his ice cream truck. He only appears in the episode Ice Cream Scream, and is voiced by Tom Kenny.


Ice Cream Scream

The Ice Cream Man's truck

Throughout the episode, the ice cream man is always leaving whenever Dexter shows up no matter who else is around, and no matter what he does, from having glued his hands with some coins and walked on top of the line of people to using a giant magnet (in which his truck's front end opens up and he pedals away), to even using an electric barrier that, if crossed, would flip the sidewalk like a drawbridge and make its crosser fall under.

Eventually Dexter managed to get in the van and angrily questioned the ice cream man on why he did not stop for him. He explains that he was once a jolly man who enjoyed making the children happy and enjoying his first day of the job until Dexter came to his truck for the very first time. Dexter had requested the most expensive ice cream which was the Major Glory Deluxe Popsicle that was worth $16, the Ice Cream Man tried to suggest some cheaper ice cream, but Dexter refused, and when Dexter received his ice cream, he paid in pennies which caused the ice cream man to count the pennies for 5 hours and 33 minutes as Dexter's calculations.

Many hours later, once he was done he was obligated to put the heavy jar of pennies in the money safe as per ice cream man regulations, but at that moment, he noticed his shoe was untied, but he could do nothing about it as the regulations prohibited any action that did not involve putting the money away in the safe. Since they remained untied, this caused him to trip and the fall broke his tooth which caused him tremendous pain and due to his late night penny counting he was late to pay his rent for his apartment and lost it, then his girlfriend left him, his car got impounded and he was forced to live under a bridge with wild animals, and to further his misfortune he could not even survive on eating ice cream due to the pain that was caused by his broken tooth, and he blamed all his misfortune and sorrow on Dexter and his "stupid" pennies. However, when a remorseful Dexter apologized for the misfortune, the Ice Cream Man forgave him and allowed Dexter to purchase ice cream from him. Dexter seemed to have learned his lesson when he purchased cheap ice cream (a Choco-pop) until he paid for it with a $100 bill ("Got change for a hundred?"), forcing the Ice Cream Man to once again count all of those coins, this time as Dexter's change.