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Ice Cream Man
Gender Male
Species Human
Affiliations His ex-girlfriend
Occupation Ice Cream vendor
Interests Not giving Dexter ice cream
First Appearance Ice Cream Scream
Voiced By Tom Kenny

The unnamed ice cream man is an ice cream truck driver who gives out ice cream and other frozen treats to children except for Dexter. He only appears in the episode "Ice Cream Scream".


As with most ice cream truck driver attire, the ice cream man wears a pink long-sleeved shirt and cap with a red bowtie and white leggings. He is a tall, lanky man with two mound-shaped teeth, a pointed nose, and has long arms and legs.


Ice Cream Scream[]


The Ice Cream Man's truck

In his first appearance, the ice cream man appears to give children and adults their ice cream, but whenever Dexter appears, regardless of what he does, the ice cream man is quick to leave. Dexter tries multiple methods of getting the ice cream truck to stop for him, such as using a magnet and creating a barrier that, if crossed, flipped the sidewalk and threw the crosser underneath.

Near the end of the episode, Dexter manages to get inside the ice cream truck to ask the ice cream man why he does not stop for him. The ice cream man explains his backstory about how he enjoyed his job as an ice cream truck driver until Dexter showed up one day. At the time, Dexter requested for a Major Glory Deluxe Popsicle, the most expensive treat at the time. Instead of giving what Dexter wanted, the ice cream man suggested that he should get something cheaper.

Dexter refuses the cheaper ice cream and gives the ice cream man a jar of pennies. According to Dexter's calculations, it took the ice cream man exactly five hours and thirty-three minutes to count every penny in the jar. When the ice cream man was done counting, he had to put the jar of pennies inside a safe per ice cream man regulations. However, the ice cream man noticed his untied shoe, but couldn't stop to tie it as part of ice cream man protocol, anything that didn't have to do with putting the money in the safe was prohibited.

As a result of his untied shoes, the ice cream man falls over and drops the pennies in addition to chipping his tooth, causing him extreme pains. Due to him working late, the ice cream man lost his apartment because he didn't pay the rent when it was due, his one and only girlfriend left him, and his car got impounded, forcing him to live homeless underneath a bridge. Due to his broken tooth, the ice cream man was unable to eat ice cream and subsequently blamed both Dexter and his pennies for all the misfortune they caused, prompting him to scream in anger.

Upon learning about this, Dexter apologizes for everything, to which the ice cream man forgave him. When Dexter bought a Choco-Pop from him, he asked if the ice cream man had change for $100, prompting the ice cream man to scream in annoyance as he is forced to count the change.

The Blonde Leading the Blonde[]

A different ice cream man appeared in this episode. Unlike the ice cream man that appeared in the episode "Ice Cream Scream", this one gave Dexter his ice cream without a problem.