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Hydro-Cosmetic Accelerator
Hydro-Comsetic Age Machine
Created by Dexter
Used by Dexter and Dee Dee
Function Altering the age of the user
First Appearance Old Man Dexter

The Hydro Cosmetic-Acceler-ager is an aging machine that was invented by Dexter. It was used in several episodes. It is capable of accelerating or decelerating someone's age to any other desired age.

Episode Appearances[]

Old Man Dexter[]

In the episode "Old Man Dexter," Dexter used his Hydro-Cosmetic Acceler-ager hoping to age himself to 21 years old in order to watch late night television, but Dee Dee interfered and he ended up as an old man.

Babysitter Blues[]

In the episode "Babysitter Blues," Dexter used his Hydro-Cosmetic Acceler-ager to age himself 10 years so that his older babysitter Lisa would date him. Unfortunately Lisa was repulsed by his stereotypically nerdy appearance and ran away from him. Then much to Dexter's horror, Dee Dee became smitten with Dexter and while he tried to run away he was punched out by Lisa's boyfriend Jeff for trying to steal his girl.


One of its hourglasses was seen being shattered by a monstrous Dee Dee's powerful cries.

Don't Be A Baby[]

In the episode "Don't Be a Baby," Dexter and his sister planned on aging themselves so they could attend a movie they apparently wanted to see, but accidentally de-aged everyone in the city into younger versions of themselves. Luckily after the machine was fully recharged and they were able to put their infant parents to sleep, they were able to restore everyone back to their right ages.

Dexter vs. Santa's Claws[]

In the episode "Dexter vs. Santa's Claws", the Acceler-ager makes a small cameo in one of Dexter's many monitors.