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Horse of a Different Dexter
Horse of Different Dexter
Author Bobbi JG Weiss and David Weiss
Illustrator John Kurtz
Publication date October 1, 2002
Published by Scholastic
ISBN 0439385814
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“Uh oh... Looks like Dee Dee better get off her high horse!”
Tagline for Horse of a Different Dexter

Horse of a Different Dexter is a book based on Dexter's Laboratory that was published on October 1, 2002.

The book title is a pun on the idiom "Horse of a different color", which describes people or things that are completely different.


It's Dee Dee's birthday and she wants nothing more but her own pony. Dexter grants her wish by building a pony in his lab. At first, Dee Dee is enthralled, but when she gives it various commands, the pony soon develops a mind of its own. Dexter must stop the robotic pony before it's too late.


In the living room, Dexter, Mom, and Dad are setting up for Dee Dee's birthday party while she prances around singing. Dee Dee lists off what she wants for her birthday, with her last gift being a pony. Mom and Dad both decline her request for a pony, prompting Dee Dee to walk off sadly. Dexter then comes up with an idea.

Inside his laboratory, Dexter is working on building a robotic pony and later shows it to Dee Dee. Dee Dee then presses the buttons on the pony, making it come to life. In happiness, Dee Dee gives Dexter a big hug. Seeing Dee Dee and her robotic pony enjoying themselves, Dexter goes back to work in his lab. He is later interrupted as Dee Dee enters asking him to add wings to her pony. Dexter does so, and Dee Dee rides off on it. That afternoon, Dee Dee again interrupts Dexter and asks him to add more upgrades to her pony, with the pony itself asking for a TV.

As Dee Dee rides with the robotic pony into the skies, it suddenly shoots out sparks and plummets down to the ground with Dee Dee hanging on for her life. Using his Aerial Interceptor Robot, Dexter gives chase to the falling robot pony. Just as the robot pony explodes, Dexter grabs Dee Dee and flies back down to the ground. Dee Dee apologizes for letting her greed take over him and for the disaster that followed, leaving Dexter in surprise. Dexter hands Dee Dee a horseshoe, to which she takes and asks him to make horseshoes for her, to which Dexter responds by banging his head on a wall.


  • The tagline is, in and of itself, a pun on the idiom "Get off one's high horse", which is a remark for a person to stop acting superior than the others.