Dexter's Laboratory Wiki
Gender Male
Species Human
Interests Books
First Appearance Tele Trauma
Voiced By Tom Kenny

Herman is the tall skinny boy who only appeared in the episode “Tele Trauma“, as Dexter's opponent in a debate about whether TV is good or not. He is voiced by Tom Kenny.


Herman is a tall skinny boy, he has brown hair and wears glasses, a brown dress shirt with black buttons, a red bowtie, brown pants and brown shoes.


Herman seems to be competitive, and is unkind to Dexter, saying that TV has consumed Dexter’s life and personality. He dislikes TV, thinks that it consumes peoples’ lives, and thinks that books are better.


  • His glasses are similar to Oceanbird's.
  • He may be a genius, because his vocabulary is like that of an adult’s and he believes that books are better than TV.
  • His head is shaped like an egg, which is likely a play on the word "egghead".