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This article describes a remix, to look for a original article see Hello, Dear Brother.

This is produced by Dee Dee featuring Dexter (bonus words)


View normal lyrics in Hello, Dear Brother.

Dexter: At last! My greatest work is now completed!

Dee Dee: Hello, Dear Brother! What have you got there? Oooh, what does this button do?!!!"

Dexter: Boohoo, what ever did I do to you?
This can't be cool, I am the greatest fool!
I thought that with math and science, I could stop this reign of terror (cries) but I can't!
She's won this round,
I have been found!
It's over, my life is over,
But it can't be over, I'm too young to die!
I'll mend my broken wings, but no matter how I try…
Dee Dee will run right in and break things!
Will I ever learn to fly? I cry!
This is not fantasy,
This is reality,
I'm stuck for my life,
I'm stuck and I'll be stuck forever
With my sister
Dee Dee!!!


The record label is Cartoon Network.

The album is LaBretto (Deluxe Edition).


This has a music video but not a single.