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(The family is driving down the highway and singing.)

Dexter, Dee Dee, Mom and Dad: Froggy went a-courtin' and he did ride, uh-hmm, uh-hmm. Froggy went a-courtin' and he did ride, a sword and a pistol by his side, Froggy went a-courtin' and he did ride, uh-hmm, uh-hmm. He rode up to Miss Mousie's door, uh-hmm, uh-hmm. He rode up to Miss Mousie's door, where he had often been before, Froggy went a-courtin' and he did ride, uh-hmm, uh-hmm. He said "Miss Mouse, are you within?", uh-hmm, uh-hmm. He said "Miss Mouse, are you within?", "Just lift the hatch and please come in!", Froggy went a-courtin' and he did ride, uh-hmm, uh-hmm.

(A large truck blares its horn behind the family's car. Dexter's dad quickly swerves out of the way.)


Dad: Now, Dexter, no yelling. You'll only cause trouble.

Mom: Oh, your father's right, dear. Plus, we're all fine. Right, honey?

Dad: 10-4 on that, pretty lady. We're a-ok!

Dee Dee: Yeah! But the car's not! Look!

(The car's engine starts smoking and it immediately breaks down. Dad looks dejected.)

Mom: Honey, now what do we do?

(Cut to Dad still looking dejected. He then suddenly perks up upon reading a sign; it says "FIX 'N FIXINS: WE GAS YOU AND YER TRUCK UP".)

Dad: We tune up the car, and our tummies!

(Dad drives off camera.)

Dexter: Uh, Dad... are you sure about this?

Dad: Of course! What could possibly go wrong?

(Dexter and Dee Dee stare at the trucks with their mouths agape.)

(Inside Fix 'N Fixins, we see a large hand slam down a smaller hand. The owner of the smaller hand leaves in obvious pain. The man with the larger hand is revealed to be a trucker named Earl, who scratches a line into the wall next to him. We then see another trucker sit in the booth across from Earl, presumably to arm wrestle. The trucker looks up at the wall and sees that Earl has won 175 (now 176) arm wrestling matches without losing even once. His arm trembles in fear as he locks hands with the giant trucker. His hand is slammed down with such force that his arm is presumably broken, and he releases a scream of agonizing pain. Zoom into his mouth, and zoom out of Dad's as he enters the restaurant.)

Dad: (enthusiastically) HOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWDY Y'ALL!

(As Dad and the family stand outside the entrance, the loser of the previous arm wrestling match goes to the cash register to pay his bill.)

Midge: So long, Clem. Better luck next time.

Clem: Thanks, Midge. See ya around.

(Clem's broken arm droops behind him, as Dad looks at him, visibly concerned.)

Midge: (to Dad) Ahem! Can I help you?

(Dad is still looking at Clem walking away.)

Midge: Hey! (cut to Midge) City boy! What can I do you for?

(Cut to Dad in the foreground and the family in the background. Mom is waving nervously.)

Dad: Oh, hi! Well, my family and I- well, our car broke down, and, uh, ahem, could we talk to your mechanic?

(Cut to Midge. She looks unamused.)

Midge: You're lookin' at her.

Dad: (surprised) Oh! Ok, well-

Midge: But my shift here ain't over for an hour, so's you might as well take you a seat.

Dad: Ok, thank you!

(The family walks by the other customers, who simply leer at them.)

Dexter: Dad, are you sure this place is safe?

Dad: Oh, of course, Dexter. This here is good people!

(We see Earl beat three more arm wrestlers in succession. They all scream in pain. The screams of the losers make Dexter nervous.)

Dexter: Shouldn't we be worrying about that screaming?

(Mom and Dad hear the screaming. Mom looks slightly nervous, but Dad is unfazed.)

Dad: Oh, it's probably just one of the local yokels telling a funny... jokel!

(Dad and Mom laugh heartily at Dad's comment. Midge then arrives in front of Dad, ready to take the family's orders.)

Dad: Oh, hellokel! We'd like some menus, please.

Midge: We ain't got no menus. We got hamburgers, ham sandwiches, and... hamhocks.

Dad: Oh, well, we'll have four hamburgers, please!

Midge: (threateningly) No, you won't.

(Dad is visibly confused.)

Dad: Ok, ham sandwiches then!

Midge: Trust me, you don't want em. HEY, MEL! FOUR ORDERS OF HAMHOCKS!

Dexter: What are hamhocks?

Dee Dee: They're gross!

Dexter: (whining) Daaaaaaaaad!

Dad: Ok, kids. Relax. It's just this country western music. Gives you the blues. Now, let me go talk to Mr. Jukebox and see if we can lighten the mood a little, huh?

(Dad walks off screen.)

Dexter: Do you think he'll be ok?

Dee Dee: (nervously) Nokel. (As Dad walks over to the jukebox, we see Earl arm wrestling yet another trucker. As Dad puts in a quarter and selects a song, Earl is about to win yet again. The shots then alternate between Dad's record being selected and Earl getting his opponent's hand mere inches from the table. The jukebox then starts playing an upbeat pop tune, causing Earl to grunt in confusion. His opponent uses this moment to miraculously pin Earl's hand onto the table, becoming the first person to ever defeat the giant trucker in a match. Midge and the rest of the customers look onward in shock as the sound of Earl's hand being pinned echoes through the restaurant. Earl then lets go of his opponent's hand.)

Trucker: (nervously) Uh, sorry.

(Earl then angrily rises out of his booth to confront Dad, who is dancing in embarrassing fashion. He then grabs Dad's entire body in his hand.)

Dexter: Uh-oh.

Dad: Is there a problem? (Earl brings Dad over to the wall that says 'losses') Well, you can't win them all...

(Earl then drags Dad's face across the wall, as the edge of his glasses carves a line into the loss column.)

Dad: (nervously) I'm... sensing anger. Is there anything I can do to quell that temper?

Midge: Ya gots to arm wrestle him.

Dad: Oh, no, no, no. I'm the nonviolent type. Like I was just telling my son Dexter before our car broke down out front-

(Earl then drops Dad onto the floor and walks out of the restaurant. Dad lays down in a daze.)

Mom: Honey?

Dee Dee: Dad?

Dexter: Are you ok?

Midge: Hey, dead man.

Dexter: That's you, Dad!

Dad: Uh, yes?

Midge: Now, your car was broken when y'all got here, right?

Dad: Uh, yes. Why?

Midge: Well...

(Cut to outside of the restaurant, where Earl destroys the family's car right in front of Dad. He simply looks down at Dad, expecting him to fight back in an arm wrestling match.)

Dad: No, I don't care what you do, Earl. I'm not gonna wrestle you!

(Earl shakes his fist in rage, and then storms off, back into the restaurant.)

Mom: Oh, honey, I'm so proud!

Dexter: Cool!

Dee Dee: Wow, Dad!

Dad: You see, Dexter, violence is not the answer. Now let's get out of here, huh?

(Dexter and Dee Dee cheer in delight and relief.)

Mom: Ooh, I forgot my purse! I'll be right back.

Dad: Ok!

(Earl walks back into the restaurant, with Mom behind him. However, Earl does not hold the door open, and the door slams shut into Mom's face. Dad is overcome with shock, and then with pure, unbridled rage. He angrily rushes back into the restaurant.)

Dexter and Dee Dee: Uh-oh.....

Dad: (angrily) EARL!!!!

(Earl forms an angry fist upon hearing his name.)

Dad: (angrily) You can humiliate me, you can destroy my property...

Mom: (confused and worried) Honey?


(Earl cracks his knuckles in delight.)

Dee Dee: Dexter! Dad doesn't stand a chance! Do something!

Dexter: Like what?

Dee Dee: I DON'T KNOW! Make with the science or something!

Dexter: Ok, ok. Relax. (pulls out can of sleep gas) And leave the rest up to me!

(Dad is seen outside, admiring the full moon.)

Dexter: Hey, Dad?

Dad: Yes, son?

Dexter: Are you sleepy? (sprays sleep gas)

Dad: No, why- (falls asleep)

Dexter: Oh, no reason.

(A montage ensues of Dexter extracting parts from the other trucks and measuring Dad's arm. At one point, he starts to wear a Wiz Kid baseball cap, and turns it backwards. He then begins to build what seems like a robotic arm. When he finishes, he spits a loogie at presumably his new creation, releasing a loud clang. Dad then starts to regain consciousness.)

Dexter: Hey Dad? Hello? Wait, don't- (Dad fully wakes up) Hi!

Dad: Uhhhhhh. Uh, what happened?

Dexter: Uh, you fell asleep, but now it's time for your big match with Earl!

Dad: Earl?

(Dad walks into the restaurant, ready to confront the giant trucker.)

Dad: EARL! You ready, Earl? Let's do this!

(Earl lowers his massive right arm and hand onto the table, leaving the entire audience in shock, awe and fear. However, Dad looks completely unfazed, as Dexter activates his new creation; a massive robotic arm, fitting on Dad's right arm perfectly. As Dad raises his new advantage, the crowd gasps and stares in amazement.)

Midge: My, that's a fancy watch.

Dad: (looking at the watch on his non-robotic arm) Thanks!

(Dad then slams his robotic arm on the table, and Earl grips the robot hand. Dexter then pushes a button as the robotic hand grips Earl's. The two then begin the match, as the restaurant begins to rumble from the battle of an unstoppable force against an immovable object. Dad's face is drenched in sweat, while Earl begins to fatigue and his shirt begins to leak with sweat. As the match continues, the restaurant begins to shake, as if there is an earthquake striking. Dexter and Dee Dee stare in awe before Dee Dee gets Dexter's attention.)

Dee Dee: Dexter!!!

Dexter: Oh, yeah.

(Dexter then puts the arm into full power, and Dad then slams Earl straight through the restaurant wall, pulling off the improbable victory. Cut to Earl's one loss marker on the wall, and then pan down to the large hole in the wall created, with Earl's name tag hanging on the debris. Mom and the rest of the customers stare at the hole in the wall in amazement, while Dee Dee winks at Dexter and gives him a thumbs up. Dad, victorious and overjoyed, pumps his fist twice, releasing the blare of a truck horn.)

Midge and Truckers: (in celebration) YEEEEEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWWWWW!

(Mom, Dexter and Dee Dee run over to congratulate Dad.)

Mom: I'm so proud!

Dee Dee: Hurray!

Dexter: Way to go!

Dad: (happily) Come here, family! (accidentally begins to strangle them with his robotic arm) I guess I don't know my own strength! (chuckles)

(iris shot into black)