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“What's this crap?”
Gym Teacher, Dexter Dodgeball

Gym Teacher

The Gym Teacher was Huber Elementary's substitute P.E. coach. His only appearance was in "Dexter Dodgeball" where he was responsible for setting off the plot and beginning Dexter's troubles. He was voiced by the late Michael Pataki.


The gym teacher is a tall man. He has white hair, a nose pointed straight down and a cleft chin. Much like his P.E. students, he wears a goldenrod yellow t-shirt with green shorts.


  • In the credits, he is simply referred to as "Coach".
  • Not counting Dee Dee, he can be considered Dexter's first human antagonist along with the Dodgeball Bullies.
  • He is very similar to George Liquor, a character from The Ren & Stimpy Show.
    • Both are voiced by Michael Pataki.
    • Both have stocky builds and wear a buzzcut.
    • Both have very masculine and aggressive temperaments.
    • He even asks, "What's this crap?" when reading Dexter's forged excuse, a line spoken by George on two episodes of Ren and Stimpy.