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Gender Male
Species Unknown
Occupation Super Villain
Interests Crime
First Appearance Pain in the Mouth

The Grappulator is an evil hulking humanoid and an enemy of The Justice Friends.


He is a large and incredibly muscular humanoid being who seems to wear a brown full body suit that is covered in what seem to be large brown tubes that are connected to parts of his body, although this suit may actually be his real body, indicating that he may be some form of android or mutant. He has pitch black eyes with white pupils and a vicious grin.


Almost nothing is known about the Grappulator except that he is evil and that he wouldn't pass up the chance to destroy the Justice Friends at their most vulnerable moment.


The Injustice Fiends

Grappulator with his evil comrades.

He seems to be as large and as muscular as The Infraggable Krunk, implying that he may have super strength. However his punches even when combined with his fellow villains' are powerless against Krunk's endurance.


Pain in the Mouth[]

In order to help remove Krunk's aching tooth, Major Glory loudly yells out that Krunk is weak and defenseless, which causes a horde of powerful super villains to arrive seeking to take advantage of Krunk's "weakened" state in hopes of destroying him. Among the assembled villains is the Grappulator who spares no second in unleashing a flurry of punches on Krunk, however his punches seemed ineffective on the big purple behemoth.


  • He seems to be a parody of the DC Comics character Bane.
  • Despite having never spoken, he is credited as being voiced by Jeff Bennett in the credits of Dyno-Might and LaBretto.
    • Stranger still was that he and the other Justice Friends characters were also credited at the end of said episodes despite none of them appearing in either as it seems that the respective credits of said episodes and "Pain in the Mouth" had been accidentally switched.

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