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South American Man 1: ¿Qué es cazadores? ("Are you poachers?")

Dexter: Dee Dee, what did he say?

Dee Dee: Uh... He asked if we were thirsty.

Dexter: Tell him yes.

Dee Dee: Me encantan las hamburguesas y los pantalones, ¡pero me prefiero los globos verdes! ("I love hamburgers and trousers, but I prefer green balloons!")

(The South Americans growl.)

Dexter: What did you tell him?

Dee Dee: I said yes.

Dexter: Somehow, Dee Dee, I know this is your fault.

(Scene cuts to the village.)

South American Man 2: ¡Cazadores! ("Poachers!")

Dexter: Dee Dee, what did he say?

Dee Dee: He said thirsty again.

Dexter: So that is what "cazadore" means? And my stupid sister and I are here to find Charlie.

Dee Dee: ¡La chupacabra!

South American Woman 1: (gaps)

South American Man 3: ¡¿La chupacabra?!

South American Woman 2: ¡La chupacabra, aí caramba!