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"Got Your Goat"
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"Got Your Goat"
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Got Your Goat
Season 2, Episode 16c
Episode name reference to/pun on: The idiom "Get your goat", referring to something that annoys someone.
Got Your Goat title card
Air date October 29, 1997
Production number 216c
Written by Zeke Kamm
Storyboard by Nora Johnson
Directed by Robert Alvarez
Genndy Tartakovsky
Craig McCracken (Art Direction)

Got Your Goat is the third segment of the sixteenth episode in season 2 of Dexter's Laboratory. It first aired on October 29, 1997.

In this episode, Dexter's experiment, a Chupacabra named Charlie, escapes from his laboratory. He and Dee Dee head to South America to find him.


One late evening in South America, a herd of goats watch in terror as the legendary Chupacabra eats one of them. In Dexter's Laboratory later that same day, Dee Dee sneaks around then bites Dexter pretending to be the Chupacabra. When she shows him a Spanish newspaper, Dexter immediately notices the silhouette of the Chupacabra, which is actually his lab pet Charlie. He immediately goes to look for him, and once Dexter found Charlie's cage, he notices that Charlie has broke out.

To get Charlie back, Dexter plans to go to South America, but reluctantly lets Dee Dee come along due to having some knowledge speaking Spanish. She hurriedly goes to her room and comes back wearing tourist apparel. Once they're both ready, Dexter and Dee Dee then head to South America inside Dexter's invention, the Flying Sombrero. In South America, the goats flee in fear when the Flying Sombrero approaches. Dexter calls for Charlie, but gets no response. He and Dee Dee are then caught off-guard as several hunters jump out of the nearby bushes ready to attack them. Dee Dee misinterprets what they say, making the hunters angrier.

At a small village, Dexter and Dee Dee are put up for show when they are accused of being poachers. Dee Dee then mentions the Chupacabra, sending the villagers, except for an elderly woman in a black robe, into a panic. She cuts Dexter and Dee Dee free from their ropes and tells them where they can find Charlie. At the Lost Caverns, Dexter finds one of Charlie's quills then he and Dee Dee find the entrance inside a cave. Dee Dee notices an empty backpack, then finds a toothbrush, an alarm clock, and a skull. They both run to hide in different parts of the cave.

Dee Dee then starts screaming, prompting Dexter to run and find her inside the dark. He follows her scream and finds Dee Dee cornered with Charlie scaring her. Happy to see Dexter again, Charlie runs toward him and rubs his head on his body. Dexter remarks that Charlie wasn't his completely successful experiment.





  • Mom & Dad do not appear in the episode.


  • Before Dexter & Dee Dee leave for South America, Dexter has a black watch on for a few frames--it disappears quickly only to reappear on Dee Dee's arm at the conclusion of the episode.
  • When Dee Dee takes off her sandals as Dexter is trying to remember why he created Charlie, Dee Dee is shown have two left feet instead of a left and right one.

Production Notes[]

  • Although this episode along with "Techno Turtle" and "Surprise!" are aired on October 29, 1997, They were produced in the same year according to the credits.

Cultural References[]

  • "Poachers" are people who involve themselves in illegal hunting or harvesting.
  • Sombreros are hats that are worn in Mexico, the Southern U.S., South America, etc.
  • Chupacabras are legendary creatures in folklore described as goat suckers, some say they exist in various countries like South America, Puerto Rico, Russia, the Philippines, etc.
  • Whenever the Old woman says "La Chupacabra," the goats bleat. This is a reference to Young Frankenstein's "Frau Blucher."