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Gooey Aliens
Gender None
Species Alien
Occupation Invaders
Interests Planetary Conquest
First Appearance Gooey Aliens That Control Your Mind

The Gooey Aliens are small, green worm-like aliens that came to Earth on a small meteorite. Their only appearance was in the episode "Gooey Aliens That Control Your Mind".



The Gooey Aliens taking over Mom's body.

The Gooey Aliens have the ability to possess anyone they touch, allowing them to take full control of the person in question. Additionally, the aliens make their host have green skin along with red eyes and speak in a monotonous, though robotic voice. They may also have the ability to leave their hosts feeling under the weather, as Dad, Mom, and Dee Dee all had the flu following their defeat.



Mom, while under the Gooey Aliens' influence, moves her body like a snake.

The Gooey Aliens came to Earth in a small meteorite after Dexter made a wish on a star. He takes the excreted goo back to his laboratory to do some experimenting on it, but as soon as Dexter walks away, the gooey alien breaks out of the alien containment container. Dexter chases it down and manages to grab ahold of the gooey alien, but it splits into three and escapes the laboratory via sink.

The Gooey Aliens then squirm through the pipes and jump out at the Dexter family, starting with Mom, who was in the kitchen doing dishes, followed by Dad, who was in the front yard washing the family car, and then Dee Dee, who was in the bathroom brushing her teeth per Mom's orders.

In the kitchen, Mom, under the gooey alien's influence, uses a spoon to etch out a blueprint on the kitchen table. As Dexter was inside his laboratory reaching inside the sink pipe for the gooey aliens, his mind-controlled family enters to build an alien transceiver to contact a mothership. Dee Dee takes Dexter out of the lab and throws him into the shower where the gooey aliens come out of the shower head and toward him. After a brief fight, Dexter stomps on the gooey aliens into oblivion, then comes up with a plan to get back into his laboratory.


The Gooey Aliens controlling Mom, Dad, and Dee Dee.

While pretending to be an alien, Dexter goes into his robots compartment to find the Dexo-Transformer, which he uses to fight back his alien parents and Dexter. After the fight, the gooey aliens escape their hosts and Dexter squishes them using the Dexo-Transformer's foot.

After their defeat, Mom, Dad, and Dee Dee all have the flu.


  • The alien that was killed by Dexter in the shower is referred to by two different names by the other aliens, first being called Cykorg by Dad and later Cyborg by Mom and Dad.
  • Dee Dee's alien is simply referred to as Sister Unit.