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"Golden Diskette"
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Filet of Soul "Filet of Soul" Production Order
"Golden Diskette"
"Snowdown" Snowdown
Golden Diskette
Season 2, Episode 8b
Episode name reference to/pun on: The golden ticket from Roald Dahl's novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Dexter's Lab - Episode 060 disk
Air date September 3, 1997
Production number 211b
Written by Dennis Marks
Storyboard by David Smith
Directed by Genndy Tartakovsky

Golden Diskette is the second segment of the eighth episode in season 2 of Dexter's Laboratory. It first aired on September 3, 1997.

In this episode, Dee Dee finds a golden diskette and wins a trip to Professor Hawk's factory. Dexter tags with her to make sure things don't go wrong.


At the city mall, several people are lined up outside Professor Hawk's Computer Store, as he is holding a contest for a select lucky few to get invited to his factory. Dexter walks toward the counter demanding for one of the Golden Diskettes, to which the cashiers give him a packaged diskette. Dee Dee suddenly appears behind Dexter and he explains to her about the large gathering of people.

Dee Dee then asks who Professor Hawk is, prompting the cashiers to sing a song about the known inventor and the Golden Diskettes. Afterwards, Dee Dee uses Dexter's remaining money to buy herself a diskette. When Dexter opens his diskette wrapper, he gets an ordinary floppy disk and objects to the cashiers. Dee Dee opens her wrapper and gets a golden diskette, to which Dexter cries to himself and Dee Dee gets carried off by a crowd.

The next morning at breakfast, Dee Dee asks Mom and Dad to take her to Professor Hawk's grand prize giveaway, but they both say they can't because Mom's hands and Dad's feet are wet. Dexter applies to go in their stead, to which Dee Dee agrees to. A few minutes before noon, Dexter and Dee Dee race to Hawk Mountain where they stand on stage next to four other golden diskette winners. At noon, the audience and golden diskette winners, except for Dee Dee, watch as Professor Hawk comes out of Hawk Mountain to present himself. Professor Hawk then takes the golden diskettes from two of the four boys and Dee Dee, the latter who performs a magic trick and pulls it out of his ear. The boys and Dee Dee all follow Professor Hawk into Hawk Mountain.

The tour begins with Professor Hawk explaining about the universe, which delights the boys and bores Dee Dee. He then sings a song about brains being "creative computers" while Dee Dee causes chaos and destruction. She interrupts his song by sliding down from a pipe and making Professor Hawk bump into a wall. The boys, Professor Hawk, and Dee Dee all run to a nearby submarine and jump in. Underwater, Dee Dee, now donning a cowgirl hat and boots, has the boys doing a square dance to help the submarine avoid falling objects. After Dexter pulls on a lever, the submarine flies out of the water and crashes onto the stage. Hawk Mountain then explodes.

Enraged, Professor Hawk breaks free from his robot wings and thanks Dee Dee for showing him what it was like to use his body instead of his brain, shocking the boys. Professor Hawk ends the contest with a brief dance, leaving the boys and Dee Dee confused. When given an envelope, Professor Hawk declares himself the winner of the contest and goes back into what was left of Hawk Mountain. Dexter tells Dee Dee he's confused, to which Dee Dee responds with; "Good!"




  • This is another episode where Dexter isn't in his lab.
  • During the Dexter's Laboratory Top 10 event that aired during Cartoon Network's weekly block Cartoon Cartoon Fridays on August 16, 2002, this episode was number 3.

Cultural References[]


  • After Dexter buys his diskette, it disappears from his hand after talking to Dee Dee. After the song is over, Dexter gets his diskette back.

Production Notes[]

  • The music that played on the title card is the same music that was used during Dee Dee's birthday party in the episode "The Laughing".
  • This episode along with "Filet of Soul" were produced in the same year of 1997 according to the credits.