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"Glove at First Sight"
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"Glove at First Sight"
"A Mom & Dad Cartoon" A Mom & Dad Cartoon
Glove at First Sight
Season 3, Episode 10a
Episode name reference to/pun on: The phrase "love at first sight" and "glove".
“Glove at First Sight” title card.png
Air date June 28, 2002
Production number 311a
Directed by Robert Alvarez
Chris Savino

Glove at First Sight is the first segment of 10th aired and 11st produced episode in season 3 of Dexter's Laboratory, which first aired on June 28, 2002. This episode features Mom and Dad from when they met for the very first time.


Mom and Dad have a flashback all the way back to 1984 when they first met.

The year is 1984. The episode opens in a waiting room of a small clinic, where a college-aged Mom sits nervously between other patients. One of these patients sneezes on her, disturbing her to near tears. Dad enters the room, wearing dirty clothing, an old hunter’s cap, and a greasy mullet. Mom is frightened by the sight, but is luckily called to see the doctor next.

In the doctor’s office, the professional notes that Mom’s severe germaphobia is preventing her from living her life to its full potential. He then reveals, in an attempt to cure her of this, he has hired Dad to assist in trials that would bring Mom closer to bacteria. Dad is eager to help, but Mom only reluctantly agrees.

Every trial the two partake in ends in failure. When Dad offers half of the hot dog he just took a bite from, Mom refuses. When he offers his dirty hand to shake, she declines. Even when a fan is blowing cold air at her, causing her to shiver, she still refuses to take Dad’s filthy jacket for warmth. After each test, Mom rushes home to shower thoroughly, fear and disgust still written on her face. In the end, the doctor tells her he cannot help unless she is willing to push herself. Mom leaves in disappointment; Dad notes this.

Back at home, Mom continues to tidy up her living room when the doorbell rings. It is Dad, now fully cleaned and in a sleek new blazer. He tells her he disagrees with the doctor’s harsh words, and invites her to a New Year’s dance competition. She excitedly accepts.

The New Year’s dance is filled with a large group of contestants. Mom (in a new blue dress) and Dad confidently agree they can win. The DJ announces the rules: last couple left standing wins. The competition begins. Mom and Dad dance without touching, and over the span of hours, couples drop all around them.

Soon the competition boils down to Mom and Dad, and one other couple, who already look exhausted. The DJ puts on a slow song next. Mom becomes nervous, noting this means they will have to touch each other, something she is still not comfortable with. It is here when Dad pulls out a pair of yellow rubber gloves. This way they can dance without Mom actually touching him. Mom loves the gloves and throws them on with glee. The two slow dance with each other, and soon enough, the other couple drops out. Mom is excited that they won, and Dad romantically notes they did so in more ways than one. They lean in for a kiss, with Mom putting her gloved hand in between their lips.

The scene cuts to present day, where it is revealed Mom is retelling this story to Dad because he took her gloves away from her. He gives them back, and after a brief pause, Mom embraces Dad, and the two recreate their first kiss, with Mom blocking using her gloved hand.



  • The title of this episode is a pun on the phrase "Love at first sight" which is a term used when two people fall in love with each other when they first meet.
  • It was revealed in this episode that whenever Mom kissed Dad, she puts her glove in the way. However in episodes such as Chubby Cheese, Road Rash, and Streaky Clean, they have been seen kissing without using the glove, implying that Mom may be a germaphobe.

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