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"Germ Warfare"
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"Germ Warfare"
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Germ Warfare
Season 2, Episode 10c
Episode name reference to/pun on: None
Germ Warfare title card
Air date September 17, 1997
Production number 208c
Storyboard by Ace Conrad
Genndy Tartakovsky
Directed by Robert Alvarez
Genndy Tartakovsky
Craig McCracken (art direction)

Germ Warfare is the third segment of the tenth episode in season 2 of Dexter's Laboratory. It originally aired on September 17, 1997.

In this episode, the family, except for Dexter, comes down with the flu. Dexter tries to avoid getting the flu himself by racing into his laboratory to sanitize it of any and all germs. However, the task itself proves to be difficult when Dee Dee enters the laboratory looking for her handkerchief.


Inside his lab, Dexter makes everything activate and watches as electricity zaps to complete his newest invention: A sphere that will power the universe. He stows his invention and runs to the kitchen to get some breakfast. Just after Mom serves his food, she reminds him that it's flu season and sneezes. Her germs then land on the table and eat Dexter's breakfast. To avoid getting sick, Dexter runs to the living room to find Dad, who suddenly starts coughing violently.

At the top of the steps, Dexter runs into a sick Dee Dee, who then sneezes into her hands and Dexter runs back into his room. Dee Dee then searches for her "hanky", believing it to be inside Dexter's lab. Hearing this, Dexter races to his lab to have Computer search for any germs, to which she tells him that the entire lab is under a germ infestation. Dexter then encases himself inside an anti-bacterial bubble and goes to sanitize the lab.

However, Dee Dee enters the lab, making Dexter's mission even more difficult. The first wave of rockets clear out the germs. Upon firing the second wave, Dee Dee watches as the rockets get near her then sneezes on them, making them explode. Dexter orders Dee Dee to leave, but she responds by sneezing on his bubble, sending Dexter bouncing around the lab. Dee Dee then has a sneezing fit, forcing Dexter to run and evade her germs. While looking for her "hanky", Dee Dee sneezes on Dexter's chemistry set and inhales the fumes through her nose. Dexter now notices that whenever Dee Dee sneezes, she shoots out flames.

While Dexter attempts to reach for the fire extinguisher, Dee Dee sneezes on the safe, which melts and reveals Dexter's invention: the sphere. As she gears up to sneeze once more, Dexter runs to save his invention, but Dee Dee sneezes, making the invention explode and bursting Dexter's bubble with it. She then finds her "hanky" on Dexter's boot. Defeated, Dexter sneezes and Dee Dee offers him her handkerchief.



  • This episode is the second one to end with the sad reprise of the ending credits. The first one was Way of the Dee Dee and the third episode would be Dexter Detention.
  • The three talking amoebas found under Dexter's microscope are a reference to the Amoeba Boys, one of the many villains on Cartoon Network's sister show The Powerpuff Girls.


  • This is the third time when Dee Dee gets sick.

Production Notes[]

  • This episode it's produced in the same year of 1997 according to the credits.