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Genius Grove

Genius Grove is the name of Dexter and Dee Dee's hometown and the main setting of Dexter's Laboratory. It's near a very big city, but there's no name for the city. It is believed to located in the state of California. It could possibly be a fictional suburb of the San Francisco Bay Area, due to how the Chinatown area looks.



The City[]



  • The Beach
  • Fix 'N Fixins
  • Jebediah's Farm
  • The Forest
  • Volcano Mountain

Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall[]

In the setting of the game FusionFall, Dexter, his family and Mandark left Genius Grove and moved to Tech Square in downtown Townsville after the Fusion invasion, however, DeeDee stayed behind to give the player missions to protect Dexter's old lab from Fusion Monsters. Genius Grove remains mostly abandoned (especially in The Future). Dexter and Mandark's houses can be seen here, although they bear little resemblance to their animated incarnations.


  • Dexter and Dee Dee's hometown is only named in the game Cartoon Network Universe: Fusion Fall, as such whether this is also its name in the animated continuity remains uncertain, but the name will be used for the sake of convenience.
  • The name of the town makes it similar to Angel Grove, the home of the first four teams of Power Rangers in the Power Rangers franchise.
  • The name of the town is strikingly similar to the real Southern California city in the Los Angeles metropolitan area: Garden Grove, California in Orange County.
  • Fans have usually referred to Dexter and Dee Dee's hometown as "Huber" after the name of their elementary school, however this has never been confirmed to be official.
  • In the episode "Backfire", a California license plate is used in the title card, possibly hinting that the town may be located somewhere in said state, but this is not completely certain.
    • In the episode "Unfortunate Cookie", the town is shown to have a Chinatown within proximity to it, which are most common in the state of California.
    • In the episode "DiM", the front license plate of the car itself is shown outside a title card and it also reads California as well as "MOM'S CAR".