Dexter's Laboratory Wiki
Gender Male
Species Human
Affiliations The other "I Hate" T-shirt bullies
Occupation School Bully
Interests Beating up kids with funny accents (formerly)
First Appearance Accent You Hate
Voiced By Dee Bradley Baker

Gary is a reformed bully at Dexter's school who only appeared in the episode "Accent You Hate." He constantly harassed kids with funny accents, his most notable victims being Dexter (Russian accent) and his friends Lucky (Irish accent) and Pierre (French accent). He wore a t-shirt that read, "I Hate Kids with Funny Accents." By the end of the episode, Gary turned out to like kids with funny accents due to getting hit in the face by a statue, distorting his own voice; his t-shirt now reads, "I ♡ Kids with Funny Accents."


Gary, after having hit his face against a statue