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"Game for a Game"
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"Game for a Game"
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Game for a Game
Season 2, Episode 35c
Episode name reference to/pun on: None
Game For a Game 0001
Air date April 15, 1998
Production number 235c
Written by Kat Cressida
Storyboard by Greg Miller
Directed by Rumen Petkov
Craig McCracken (Art Director)

Game for a Game is the third segment of the thirty-fifth episode in season 2 of Dexter's Laboratory. It first appeared on April 15, 1998.

In this episode, Dee Dee declares to Dexter that she can beat him at they play together. When Dexter gets fed up with Dee Dee constantly winning the board games that they play, he creates larger versions of the games in his laboratory where he wins by cheating.


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  • This is the first time where Dee Dee appears naked onscreen.

Cultural References[]

  • The board games Dexter and Dee Dee play are parodies of Mouse Trap, Trouble, Battleship, Hungry Hungry Hippos and Twister.

Production Notes[]