Dexter's Laboratory Wiki
Gender Male
Species Human
Interests Partying
First Appearance Copping an Aptitude
Voiced By Tom Kenny

“Party now, study later!”
Gabriel, Copping an Attitude

Gabriel, simply known as Gabe, is a minor character in Dexter's Laboratory. He only appeared in the episode "Copping an Aptitude".

Appearance and personality[]

Gabriel is a tall, bespectacled man. He has curly brown hair and a beard. He wears a pink collared shirt underneath his olive green sweater, brown pants, and white shoes with blue stripes.

Gabriel is shown to be a hard-working, but fun-loving college student. He loves to participate in parties and has a fondness for didgeridoos, as indicated by him building the world's largest didgeridoo until Dexter used it to make a barrier for his large pool.


Gabriel was introduced as Dexter's roommate upon him transferring to college. After Dexter arrives, Gabriel prefers to party instead of studying, while Dexter wanted to study instead of partying. However, when it came time for the college students to start studying, Dexter snaps from the workload and asks Gabriel to party with him, only for Gabriel to tell Dexter that he is unavailable as he's trying to work on a paper.

While Dexter floods the college square with warm water, Gabriel, after pulling an all-nighter, finishes his paper and saves it on his laptop. Just as he puts the laptop away, water rushes into Gabriel's dorm, blowing him and the other residents out. When Dexter was expelled from the college following the pool incident, Gabriel disappointedly looks at Dexter as his parents drive him home whereas the other college students celebrate his expulsion.