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Transcript of G.I.R.L. Squad.



  • Lee Lee: Wow, that was great!
  • Mee Mee: You said it, Lee Lee.
  • Dee Dee: Yeah. I'm ready to start licking crime right now!
  • Lee Lee: Me too!
  • Mee Mee: Me three.
  • Jeff Bennett: (announcing) G - Glamourous, I - Investigators, R (sounds like are) - Ready to, L - Lick crime! GIRL Squad!

(When the treehouse fell)

  • Gnome: (looking at a gnome statue) Hey Gnomey, don't you know me?
  • Man: My automatic timed sprinkler system.
  • Neighbors: Those girls are neighborhood criminals!
  • Dee Dee: We're not criminals. (pointing to black man, in unison w/ Mee Mee & Lee Lee) He is!

(The black man spins around to reveal that he is actually a gardener)

  • Gardener: Oh, hello. Just your friendly neighborhood gardener at your service.

(McBark the Crime Hound Arrives)

  • Dee Dee and Friends: McBark the Crime Hound?
  • McBark: Uh, at this time, I like to thank all of the neighbors for their cooperation. Uh, as for the G.I.R.L Squad...(licks the three of them.) this crime's been licked.
"Hmm, something's still wrong, but what?!"

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