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Fois Gras
Fois Gras
Gender Male
Species Human
Affiliations Flour Smugglers
Occupation Baker/Super Villain
Interests Conquering the Bread Black Market
First Appearance Beard to be Feared
Voiced By Jeff Bennett

“Excellent. Gentlemen, we are about to make a lot of bread.”
Fois Gras

Fois Gras is a fiendish baker-themed supervillain and a nemesis of Action Hank, being one of the few foes with a beard as rugged as Hank's. He is aided by his team of Flour Smugglers who also possess beards as rugged as his.


He is a very pale skinned man of average height and portly weight with white chef's clothes and white facial hair, giving him a very prominently white color scheme and appearance. He also wears white shoes with high heels. Like Action Hank, he has a very rugged beard and mustache, but instead, Fois Gras' is incredibly sharp and pointy.


Fois Gras is a villainous baker whose goal is to corner the bread market and roll in the dough. He speaks with a prominent French accent, implying he may be from there. He is not above using violence to achieve his goals and will cut down anything that stands in his way. He seems to be a good leader well admired and trusted by his men.


Fois Gras is a dangerous criminal who primarily uses his beard or guns in combat. He seems to be a skilled swordsman, capable of using his beard like a rapier. He is also a skilled baker who specializes in the production of black market bread.


  • Super Rugged Beard: Like Action Hank, his beard is a mighty and near-impenetrable but rather than using it defensively, he uses it offensively, using it like a sword that is incredibly sharp and can cut through almost anything except Dexter and Action Hank's combined beards. He normally keeps his beard in a sheath due to its deadly sharpness.


Beard to be Feared[]

The Flour Smugglers are confronted by a bearded Dexter and Action Hank, who ultimately defeat the smugglers and break up their smuggling ring.



  • To go with his french chef theme, his name comes from the luxury gourmet french food "Foie gras", a dish made from the liver of a fattened duck.