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Flour Smugglers
Flour Smugglers 1
Gender Males
Species Humans
Affiliations Fois Gras
Occupation Smugglers
Interests Flour, Dough
First Appearance Beard to be Feared
Voiced By Tom Kenny (Blonde Smuggler)
Jeff Bennett (Asian Smuggler)
Michael Armstrong (Jamaican Smuggler)

The Flour Smugglers are a group of criminals who primarily deal in the theft of flour and the production of black market bread. They appeared in the episode "Beard to be Feared".


Fois Gras[]

Main Article: Fois Gras

Blonde Smuggler[]

The Blonde Smuggler has short blonde hair and a very long blonde beard. He wears a green suit, brown shoes and a bolo tie. He is voiced by Tom Kenny.

Asian Smuggler[]

The Asian Smuggler is balding but has very long black hair starting from the back of his head. He also has a long black beard, which he can use as a whip. He wears a white t-shirt, a blue vest, blue pants, a blue belt with a silver buckle and black shoes. He is voiced by Jeff Bennett.

Jamaican Smuggler[]

The Jamaican Smuggler has long brown dreadlocks and a very long dreadlocked beard that he can swipe at will. He wears a purple suit, black shoes, several rings, a hoop earring in his left ear and sunglasses. He is voiced by Michael Armstrong.


Beard to be Feared[]

The Flour Smugglers are confronted by a bearded Dexter and Action Hank, who ultimately defeat the smugglers and break up their smuggling ring.


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