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Filet of Soul / Golden Diskette
"Filet of Soul"
Storyboard by Mike Stern
Art Direction Craig McCracken
Directed by Genndy Tartakovsky
"Golden Diskette"
Storyboard by Dave Smith
Art Direction Craig McCracken
Directed by Genndy Tartakovsky
Executive Producer Sherry Ghunter
Line Producers Debby Hindman
Selma Edelman
Production Manager Donna Castricone
Production Coordinators Charlie Desrochers
Sami Rank
Head Writer Jason Butler Rote
Models Craig McCracken
Clean-Up Barbara Krueger
Dana Jo Granger
Layout Keys Daniel Krall
Clayton Morrow
Background color Martin Ansolabehere
Andrew Clark
Dexter Christine Cavanaugh
Dee Dee Kat Cressida
Dad/Kurt/Boy on Left Jeff Bennett
Mom/Girl/Baby Kath Soucie
Right Clerk/Geek Singer Randy Crenshaw
Middle Clerk/Geek Singer Roger Freeland
Hawk/Angry Man/Boy on Right Tom Kenny
Left Clerk/Geek Singer Don Shelton
Recording Director Genndy Tartakovsky
Casting Director Donna Grillo
Casting Manager Collette Sunderman
Supervising Recording Engineer Ed Collins
Recording Engineer Jeffery Collins
Main/End Title Themes and Music Score Thomas Chase and Steve Rucker
End Title Lyrics Pamela Phillips Oland
"Golden Diskette"; Song-Lyrics by Dave Smith
Director of Music Production Bodie Chandler
Music Editing Glenwood Editorial, Inc.
Color Stylist Karen Greslie
Ink and Paint Supervisor Alison Leopold
Final Checker Nelda Ridley
Graphics Iraj Paran
Craig McCracken
Xeroxgraphy Star Wirth
Martin Crossley
Animation Checker Sandra Benenati
Executive Director of Post Production Kenneth Yas
Unit Post-Production Supervisor Gayle Mnookin
Track Readers James Hearn
Kay Douglas
Carol Iverson
Kerry Iverson
Supervising Film Editor Paul Douglas
Assistant Film Editor James Hearn
Negative Cutting William DeBoer, Jr.
Telecine The Post Group
On-Line Modern VideoFilm
Sound Editing Twenty-First Century Entertainment, Inc.
Sound Re-Recording Horta Editorial & Sound
Production Assistants Sharra Gage
Julie Humbert
Don McGregor
Linda Moore
Production Accountant Diana Stolpe
Production Liaisons Heather Keynon
Amy E. Wagner
Executive In Charge of Production Brian A. Miller
Overseas Production Facility Rough Draft Studios, Inc. Seoul, Korea
Overseas Supervisor Doug Williams
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