Speaker Dialogue
[Open Int. Dexter's House]
(Fishy swims by.)
Dee Dee Look at him swim!
Dexter He's fast.
Dee Dee Let's make him do tricks.
Dexter Loop-de-loop! (Fishy does the loop-de-loop)
Dee Dee Rollover! (Fishy does the rollover)
Dexter Play dead! (Fishy plays dead)
Dee Dee Drive a car! (Fishy stops playing dead and drives his miniature red automobile)
Dexter Work magic! (Fishy does the hat-trick with rabbit)
Dee Dee Do my homework! (Fishy quickly dons a pair of glasses and signs Dee Dee's name on paper and does her homework)
Dexter Take out the trash! (Fishy zips away)
(During next four lines, Fishy starts to swim by several times.)
Dee Dee Iron my clothes!
Dexter Clean my lab!
Dee Dee Dress my dolly!
Dexter Calculate this equation!
Mom Kids! (Fishy, exhausted, swims back to his starting spot) It's almost bedtime!
Dee Dee Look, Mom! *points at Fishy* Make him make Fishy do tricks.
Dexter (Fishy suddenly dies) Oh, look! He's doing what now -- playing dead! Okay, Fishy; now rollover.
(Dexter stops smiling. He, Mom and Dee Dee are shocked. Mom then puts a piece of black cloth over Fishy's corpse.)
[Trans. Int. Bathroom]
(The entire family standing at the doorway, looking shocked (except Dad, who looks sad). Dee Dee then turns the light on.)
Dad What can we say about our beloved Fishy?
Dee Dee Not much. Uh, we only had him for one day.
Dexter Silence, hoo-man!
Dee Dee Oh yeah? Will you just listen to me?
Dexter Shut up!
Dee Dee No, YOU shut up!
Dexter You shut up!
Dee Dee He was my Fishy too!
Dexter You shut up!
Dad Kids! (the kids turn to Dad) Is this how you want Fishy to remember you, bickering like ninnies?
Dexter and Dee Dee *sadly* No.
Dad Fishy is your responsibility, kids. It's your job to send him on his way to the Sewer Beyond. [Screen briefly flashes to a lightning bolt accompanied by a clap of thunder before flashing to the painting of pets travelling to the Sewer Beyond] That's where all small less-significant pets go when they, uh...
Dee Dee Run out of batteries?
Dad That's a nice way to put it, Dee Dee.
Dexter What happens in the Sewer Beyond?
Dad They can do whatever they want! All day!
[Screen flashes to Dad daydreaming about Fishy playing then to Mom daydreaming about Fishy cooking, Dee Dee daydreaming about Fishy being a ballet dancer and Dexter daydreaming about Fishy doing math homework.]
Dad I'm sorry, kids. It was just Fishy's time to go. *crying* No. *hugging Mom and then walking away* Ah-I can't face myself. No-ho-ho-ho-oh.
Mom Don't worry, kids. We'll get Fishy when you goldfish in the morning.
Dexter and Dee Dee But Mom?
Mom Yes?
Dexter What do we do with Fishy?
Mom Well that's simple, kids: *walks away then turns to kids and says the following line in the deep masculine sports commentator-like voice* FLUSH HIM!
[Scene swtiches to the POV of the toilet bowl]
(Dexter opens the toilet door and stares into the bowl along with Dee Dee)
Dexter This is very unprofessional.
Dee Dee Yucky.
Dexter Not to mention the hygienic implications. *prepares to drop the dead Fishy into the bowl* Oh well, that's it.
Dee Dee Dexter, we can't put Fishy in...there.
Dexter But we're supposed to. *drops Fishy anyway*
Dee Dee *catches Fishy* Dexter! Don't! *moves Fishy away, so Dexter is unable reach, and blocks Dexter*
Dexter Hey, give it back!
Dee Dee No way, José. I'm going to put Fishy up here where you can't reach him. *puts Fishy on top of a flush tank*
Dexter *tries to reach Fishy* No fair.
Dee Dee *sends Dexter to his room* Time for beddy-bye. We'll get Fishy a decent burial in the garden tomorrow. *turns off the light and shuts the door*
(After several seconds, the ghost of Fishy emerges from his corpse, surrounded by an otherworldly glow and sparkles)
[Trans. Int. Dexter's Bedroom]
(Dexter quickly hides under the bedsheet and trembles in fear. He then stops hiding and looks around the bedroom.)
Dexter's mind Dexter. Get a grip on yourself. (Dexter stops getting scared) Lightning is not scary. It is simply the phenomenon caused by a surplus of electrons being attracted downward by Earth's protons. (Dexter starts to smile) It is no more than a big wet demonstration of static cling.
Dexter Whew. *takes off his glasses and turns to the poster of Albert Einstein* Good night, Einstein. *turning to the Major Glory action figure* Good night, Major Glory. *turning to Fishy's ghost* Good night, ghost of the Fishy. *sleeps, but he is suddenly horrified*
[Cut to a 180° horizontal cylindrical panoramic view of a part of the room with doors to Dee Dee's and Dexter's rooms, respectively]
(Dee Dee and Dexter come out of their rooms screaming in fear, going into the opposite rooms (Dexter into Dee Dee's and Dee Dee into Dexter's), then they do it again, and again, but they crash into each other and fall down.)
Dexter Dee Dee. Did you also see that slimy disgusting spookfish that just nearly killed me?
Dee Dee No. I just like to run around and scream real loud!.. (Dee Dee smiles at the viewer while Dexter is not amused) *mocking* What's the matter, Dexter? Are you scared of a bit of itty-bitty Fishy? Oooh, I'm really scared! We must be one of those menacing(?) goldfish.
Dexter Uh, uh, uh.
Dee Dee (Fishy's ghost slowly flies towards Dee Dee) *singing* Dexter is a fraidy cat, Dexter is a-- *stops singing and starts to look shocked* (Fishy's ghost kisses Dee Dee and then flies away) I'VE BEEN KISSED BY A DEAD FISH!
Dexter See? I told you.
Dee Dee You know what this means, don't ya?
Dexter No.
Dee Dee *whispering* That's right... *shouting happily* SUIT UP! (Dexter grins happily as he gains stars in his eyes)
[Trans. Int. Dexter's Laboratory]
(Dexter's shadow looms over the gate labeled "Apparition Containment")
[Trans. Int. Dee Dee's Room]
(Dee Dee's shadow looms in front of her toy chest)
[Trans. Int. Dexter's Laboratory]
(The camera pans over apparition containment equipment: a string of garlic, the book "Ghost Catching Theory and Application," the Ghost Dispersement gun, the ghost-detecting device and the ghost-capturing unit)
[Trans. Int. Dee Dee's Room]
(The camera pans over the fishing rod in Dee Dee's toy chest)
[Trans. Int. Dexter's Laboratory]
(Dexter pulls the trigger on the laser gun part of the ghost-capturing unit to charge it up, while the camer pans over it)
[Trans. Int. Dee Dee's Room]
(Dee Dee cuts a sheet of paper with scissors)
[Trans. Int. Dexter's Laboratory]
[Computer beeps] (Dexter puts on the ghost trap like a backpack, then the camera spins around him)
[Trans. Int. Dee Dee's Room]
(Dee Dee reels the fishing rod and stands proudly)
[Trans. Int. Dexter's Laboratory]
Dexter (Dexter's glasses shines) Who ya gonna call?!
[Trans. Int. Dexter's House]
Dexter (Dexter peeks out of the door to his room, looks around, closed the door, then kicks it open) Alright, who want a taste!? (The camera zooms out)
(Lightning strike transition to another angle, Dexter sneaks by and looks around. Fishy's ghost is floating over the picture of Dee Dee and Dexter. Dexter suddenly notices the ghost, shoots at him, but he dodges it, missing the shot. Dexter tries it again but he misses the shot and shot the part of the ceiling, injuring him.)

TBA... So, we'll skip to the end

[(Trans. into the bathroom, Dee Dee picks up her toothbrush and starts brushing, then is interrupted by a bright orange glow coming from the toilet at which point she drops her toothbrush. The scene then transitions into Dexter's room; Dexter is asleep, but is awakened by Dee Dee's ghostly voice, which echoes through the house)]
Dee Dee *ghostly voice* Dexter! Dexter! Where are you?! Help me! Help me!
Dexter Dee Dee, are you playing tricks?! *shakes up in fear* Hiding in the closet, trying to scare me?
Dee Dee *ghostly voice* Dexter! The toilet! The toilet!
[Trans. Int. Bathroom]
(Dexter races to the bathroom to see Dee Dee's legs protruding from the toilet bowl, and she is flushed down into it)
Dexter Dee Dee! (he is too late to save her) No! Dee Dee, come back! Dee Dee, I'm ordering you to come out of this toilet! (an apparition of Dee Dee appears in the shower)
Dee Dee *ghostly voice* Dexter, help me! I am trapped in the Sewer Beyond!
Dexter No, you're not! I just saw you go down the toilet!
Dee Dee *ghostly voice* Listen to me! There's lots of bad fishies and stuff here and they won't let me go! They won't rest until Fishy is on the other side! You've got to flush Fishy, Dexter!
Dexter (tries to reach the fish) Can't reach! It's no use-- my arms, they are too short!
Dee Dee *ghostly voice* Come on, genius boy, figure it out!
Dexter (Dexter grabs a toilet plunger and pulls Dee Dee out. The apparition of Dee Dee disappears from the shower and Dee Dee is freed) Dee Dee, flush the fish, now!
Dee Dee (Dee Dee tosses Fishy's corpse into the toilet bowl and flushes it down. Both Dexter's and Dee Dee's eyes begin to swirl as the toilet flushes. The toilet finishes flushing) Whew! I'm sure glad that's over! (the toilet bubbles) Huh?
Dexter (a tentacle extends out of the toilet bowl and grabs Dee Dee off camera) Look out! Egad!
Dee Dee (the tentacle pulls her back into the toilet) Help me! Dexter, it's pulling me back, and they're angry, Dexter, real angry!
Dexter (with the plunger still stuck to Dee Dee's head, Dexter grabs the handle and tries to pull her free) Why?! We flushed the stupid fish!
Dee Dee Its soul, Dexter-- it's still in the trap!
(In Dexter's room, the Apparition Containment Unit shakes up with a WARNING signal active. Back in the bathroom, Dexter tries to save Dee Dee from being flushed.)
Dee Dee Do something! (Dexter reaches for the fishing rod and grabs it just as the toilet begins flushing Dee Dee down) Help!
[Dexter casts his fishing rod in slow motion. The line extends outside the bathroom and into the hallway, followed by the living room, then the second floor until it goes into Dexter's bedroom, at which point the hook presses the containment unit's "open" button. This frees Fishy's soul and he follows the fishing line's path into the bathroom. Just as Dexter pulls Dee Dee out of the toilet, Fishy happily goes down into it and travels into the Sewer Beyond, departing into the afterlife.]
Dad *opens the door* How many times have I told you?! (Dexter and Dee Dee look at Dad silently) Early morning is Daddy's special bathroom privacy time.
(Upon the flash of lightning, Dad gains golden glowing eyes with slit pupils and sharp teeth. Dad laughs maniacally.)

"Hmm, something's still wrong, but what?!"

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