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"Figure Not Included"
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"Figure Not Included"
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Figure Not Included
Season 2, Episode 9b
Episode name reference to/pun on: The notice "Batteries not included".
Figure Not Included
Air date September 10, 1997
Production number 212b
Storyboard by Butch Hartman
Directed by Rob Renzetti

Figure Not Included is the twenty-fourth episode in season 2 of Dexter's Laboratory. It first aired on September 10, 1997.

In this episode, Dexter wants to join the Major Glory gang, but he is unable to because he doesn't have his own Major Glory action figure. He then creates one of his own to join in.


One afternoon, three boys are showing each other their Major Glory action figures, but their time together is cut short as Dexter jumps in. He shows them a cardboard cut-out Major Glory figure, to which the boys laugh at him. Insulted, the Major Glory gang walks off, with one of them telling Dexter to get himself a real Major Glory action figure.

Back at home, Dexter asks Mom to buy himself a Major Glory action figure. Mom agrees to get him one for his birthday, which Dexter objects to. Inside Dexter's lab, he looks at his cutout in defeat and tosses it. Dexter explains his plight to Dee Dee and she tells him that he should make his own doll. Suddenly, this gives Dexter an idea and he goes to work on crafting his own Major Glory action figure.

The next day, the Major Glory gang runs down the sidewalk flying their figures and are stopped as they see Dexter's own Major Glory action figure flying around them, leaving them in stunned silence. As Dexter explains the features, the Major Glory gang is in awe at the figure's features. They then ask Dexter if they could each get one. He agrees to, and back in his lab that night, Dexter makes more Major Glory action figures.

The following afternoon, Dexter gives the Major Glory gang their action figures each with separate powers. However, an argument between the Major Glory gang embroils, as they can't decide whose action figure is better. They then pressure Dexter to give them the same powers, which he does after taking all three action figures back home with him. After making the fixes, Computer warns Dexter about the possibility of the action figures overloading as he races out of his lab and back to the Major Glory gang.

A fight between the three custom Major Glory action figures ensues, and while they do so, the figures overload and explode. Before the Major Glory gang kicks Dexter out of their group, the real Major Glory appears looking for Dexter. When Dexter introduces himself to him, Major Glory takes him to meet his attorney as Dexter has committed copyright infringement.




  • This is the fourth and final segment to feature Allison Moore as the voice of Dee Dee in season two instead of Kat Cressida.
  • Moral: Do not make counterfeit items just to impress your friends. Not only is this illegal, you will either be subjected to paying a heavy fine or get sent to prison.

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  • As Major Glory pointed out, Dexter committed copyright infringement by making Major Glory action figures. In reality, copyright infringement usually results in the person who committed it paying a hefty fine for damages or going to prison, with the former increasing should the offense continue.

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