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Fat Boy
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Superhero Sidekick
Interests Eating, Fighting Crime
First Appearance Star Spangled Sidekicks

“I am Fatboy! And with my trusty fork and knife, I can take (chomps) a bite out of crime”

Fatboy is Major Glory's ever-hungry sidekick. He first appeared in the episode "Star Spangled Sidekicks".


Fatboy is a voracious little fellow who loves to eat but also idolizes Major Glory and wishes to be a hero like him.


He has no real superpowers, other than having a very large super appetite.


Star Spangled Sidekicks[]

Originally, he was one of the many young boys and girls who auditioned to be Major Glory's new sidekick, but in the end Diva Dynamite (Dee Dee) won but she declined saying that she had to protect her little brother DexStar (Dexter). This forced Major Glory to pick Fatboy as his new sidekick. They then fly and run off into the sunset.

After this episode, he was never seen again. Likely indicating that he was either fired, beaten, forgotten by the writers or simply resigned due to the fact that he didn't have any real powers or skills, as the later episode "Surprise!" shows The Declaration of Independence as Major Glory's sidekick.

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