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"Fantastic Boyage"
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"Fantastic Boyage"
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Fantastic Boyage
Season 2, Episode 7c
Episode name reference to/pun on: The film Fantastic Voyage
Fantastic Boyage title card
Air date August 27, 1997
Production number 206c
Written by Jason Butler Rote (additional writer)
Directed by Craig McCracken and Rob Renzetti

Fantastic Boyage (A.K.A. Doggone Germs) is the third part of the 7th episode of season 2, which aired on August 27, 1997. In this episode, Dee Dee comes down with the common cold, and Dexter tries to find a way to cure her.


Dexter tries to inject himself into Dee Dee to find a cure to the common cold, but mistakenly ends up inside his dog. He thinks Dee Dee has been infected with a dog virus. He is then mistaken for the first human virus to infect a dog by the vet.




  • This is another episode when Dexter makes a mistake.
  • The audio of Dee Dee yelling "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!" was recycled from Labels.


  • This is the second time when Dee Dee gets sick.

Cultural References[]

Production Notes[]

  • This episode along with "Labels" and "Game Show" were produced in the same year of 1997 according to the credits.