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Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Truck Driver
Interests Arm Wrestling,
Country Music
First Appearance Hamhocks and Armlocks

Earl is the main antagonist of the episode Hamhocks and Armlocks. Though voiceless, he is a large and menacing truck driver who enjoys arm-wrestling with patrons of the Truck Stop (such as Clem), just as much as he enjoys country music.


Earl stands at roughly eight feet tall; because of this size, his face is never shown throughout his appearance (a theme the animator, Craig McCracken, has been known to employ). Below the neck, bushy chest hair is visible above his shirt, and his arms are large, beefy, and hairy on the outsides. He wears a red button-down short-sleeved shirt with a chest pocket on the left side, a white name tag with a blue border and blue letters spelling out EARL, a black belt with a large golden buckle that also says EARL, blue jeans, and pointed black shoes.


Hamhocks and Armlocks[]

Earl was challenging various patrons of a truck stop to arm-wrestling, none of which he lost until Dexter's Dad switched the record in the jukebox. This caused Earl to get briefly distracted and allowed his opponent to win. Earl challenged Dexter's Dad to an arm-wrestling contest, though he refused. Earl attempted to coerce him in various ways, even vandalizing their car to the point of ruin, but Dad nonchalantly shrugged off every insult, much to Earl's anger. As Dexter's family prepared to leave the truck stop, Dexter's mom forgot her purse and went back to get it, but Earl slammed the door in her face. This finally succeeded in making Dad angry enough to arm-wrestle Earl, challenging him in an hour's time. At Dee Dee's prompting, Dexter sedated Dad and modified his right arm with powerful machinery, making the limb almost as big as the rest of his body, though Dad was somehow oblivious to it when he woke up. Dexter controlled the cybernetic arm with a remote control, and despite the veins that bulged on Earl's arms and the sweat that flowed from his armpits, he failed to make the machine give an inch. Everyone stared in shock, including Dexter himself until Dee Dee prompted him again. He powered up the cybernetic arm and instantly, the machine slammed Earl's hand down on the table, sending him flying through the wall and giving Dad the victory.

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