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  • Dexter: Hmm. Hmm. What? No.
  • Dee Dee: Hi, Dexter! Easy, huh? Easy, easy, easy, easy, easy
  • Einstein: Very intriguing, young lady. How do you do it?
  • Dee Dee: Oh, it's simple once you understand that space-time is curved.
  • Einstein: Oh, brilliant. Simply brilliant!
  • Dee Dee: I know.
  • Einstein: How are you Dexter?
  • Dexter: Dexter's log, star date . . This is my third straight week of nightmares. It has begunn to affect my work and concentration. I fear I may be losing this battle...For sanity.
  • (Rides a roller coaster to his lab)
  • Dexter: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
  • Computer: Welcome to the lab. Remain seated, please. [
  • Dexter: I realize now that I must employ drastic measures to fend for my very peace of mind, and so I have constructed the dream machine... A device which uses a unique data wave agitator to hyperactivate my lower cortical tyratic gland and deliver pleasant dream imagery to my subconscious mind.
  • Dexter: DeeDee! Pay attention! You must be awake so that I can sleep!
  • DeeDee: I was just resting my eyes.
  • DeeDee: I'm awake, Dexter!
  • DeeDee: Uh-huh!
  • DeeDee: What ever!
  • DeeDee: Rock out, Dexter!!
  • (Dexter is sleeping in his bed, and makes up by the sound of a rooster crowling)
  • Yellow bird: Top of the morning to you, Dexter!
  • Brain food: Hey, Dexter, we're brain food! Yeah! Oh, boy!
  • Narrator: New and improve Dexter with super knowledge absorbing power
  • Dexter: I read them all! Ah, so the chicken did before the egg! Eureka! I comprehend the root of all languages! That's it! I know everything! I understand all!
  • Dexter: What are you doing in my dream? You're suppose to be in the lab.
  • DeeDee: Oohh! Look how smart you are!
  • Dexter: Well, I am the smartest being in existence. I know everything.
  • DeeDee: Everything?
  • Dexter: Everything! (his brain pulses)
  • DeeDee: Do you know... (takes out paper) ... THE PURPOSE OF MEANING?
  • Dexter: Give me that!
  • DeeDee: I thought you knew everything!
  • Dexter: Okay, so that is the one thing I don't know. But I know how to find out.
  • DeeDee: How?
  • Dexter: I'm going to see the grandfather of all knowledge!
  • DeeDee: I'M THE GRANDFATHER OF ALL KNOWLEDGE!!! (thunder crashing)
  • Dexter: Well, if you are the Grandfather of all Knowledge... ...that... means... ...that... (Shows meter with the words, "pleasure," nightmare," "danger," and "pain." The meter quickly switches from "pleasure" to "nightmare," and breaks) I'M IN A NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! (he is sent flying backwards. As he does, he looses his scientific knowledge, causing his brain to get smaller until it's reverted back to its original size. He stops flying backwards, and his pajamas remove themselves from him, leaving him completely naked. People gather around him and laugh at his nudity. The people then swirl together and change into a one-eyed black goo monster who laughs evilly) DeeDee! DeeDee, DeeDee! DeeDee! (runs towards DeeDee who laughs at him. Five more Dee Dees appear and laugh at his nakedness as well. A bigger DeeDee towers over Dexter as she laughs. Dexter runs away and across a much bigger DeeDee's arms as she laughs. Dexter falls off the edge of DeeDee's left hand into a never-ending fall).
  • Dexter: DEEDEE, PRESS THE BUTTON! AAAH! PLEASE! AAAAH! PRESS THE BUTTON!! AAAAAAAHHHH!! PLEASE, DEEDEE, PLEASE!! PLEASE, DEEDEE!! PRESS IT!!! (Cuts to DeeDee who still sleeping and doesn't notice or hear the alarm of Dexter in his nightmare with DeeDee. NOTICE: DeeDee's hair is up in her trademark pigtails, even though earlier in the episode, DeeDee had her hair down) AAAAAHHH!! DEEDEE. PRESS THE BUTTON!!!
  • (Title: The End.)
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