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(The episode opens with Dexter writing something in his lab. Just then Dee Dee then holds up her teddy bear named Mr. Fuzzums)

  • Dee Dee: Hi Dexter, Let's play
  • Dexter: Uh, you know. Now is really not a good time, Dee Dee.
  • Dee Dee: I'm not Dee Dee, I'm Mr. Fuzzums and I love to dance and to play and have a happy day. Hip hip hooray!
  • Dexter: I cannot play with you today, so go away.
  • Dee Dee: (moves Mr. Fuzzums away) Okay
  • Dexter: Hmm (goes back to work but then...)
  • Dee Dee: (surprises Dexter with Mr. Fuzzums which knocks him off his chair) Boo! (laughs) Dexter? Uh-oh! Look what you did now, Mr. Fuzzums.

(Dexter angrily grabs Mr. Fuzzums)

  • Dexter: Mr. Fuzzums! (looks at Dee Dee) Come, Dee Dee. Let us play pretend. Let us pretend that Mr. Fuzzums is an astronaut.
  • Dee Dee: Yay!

(Dexter had placed Mr. Fuzzums in a space training machine)

  • Dexter: Let us pretend that he is in training