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  • Computer: System alert. Virus detected.
  • Dexter: Aah! This that is happening is what should not be happening. Computer, speak to me. Computer!
  • Computer: Sorry, Dexter, but i--i...
  • Dexter: Yes? Yes!
  • Computer: I--
  • Dexter: Yes? What is it, my dear, sweet, automated assistant.
  • Computer: I--
  • Dexter: Computer? No!! My poor, sensitive, cybernetic friend. Why? Oh... Ah, fiddle sticks! No stupid virus can contaminate my computer! Commence self-digitization process in ... ... . Oh, boy, this sure is fun!
  • Dexter: Oh, my head. Ah, that's better. Where is the rest of me and my altogether self? Err! Must concentrate... ...lower region. [Sighs] Now I better check out the rest of this place. Well, no problems in the memory program sector. The new interactive simulator seems to be fine. And everything looks all right with the static molecular quadrant. Hmm. Well, I see no sign of the virus. This computer of mine can be a bit of the overdramatic. When I return to reality, I will have to-- jiminy, the virus destruction!
  • Mandark: [Sneezes] Ah ha ha! Ah ha ha ha ha! Ah ha ha ha ha! Ah...Ah...Ah... [Sneezes]
  • Dexter: Mandark!
  • Mandark: Dexter! How the heck did you get in here?
  • Dexter: Ah, some genius you are, you little fool. Why, even the most infantile, feeble-minded baby knows you shouldn't open e-mails unless you know who they're from.
  • Dexter: Well, then, Mr. Virus, prepare to be vaccinated! Ha!
  • Mandark: "Ha" yourself, Dexter boy zero, but it's no use. My virus has already spread throughout your computer's network of circuitry, and soon my plan to destroy you and your laboratory will be a total success.
  • Dexter: News flash, Mandark: You will never destroy my laboratory! Never! Never!
  • Dexter: Oh, my stomach!
  • Mandark: Hey, where are we? Ah! We're surrounded by nothing. We're doomed--trapped for an eternity in a void of complete nothingness, trapped in a chasm of total emptiness-- trapped, I tell you, trapped!
  • Dexter: Would you shut up! Look there--light!
  • Mandark: Hooray! Civilization!
  • Dexter: Oh. This place feels kind of familiar. Hey, there is the lamp, and everything seems to be working. Sweet success! I've gotten rid of the virus and safely returned to reali...Ty? Hmm... [Gulps] Great miscalculations and unfortunate happenstance! We have been downloaded onto my computer desktop.
  • Mandark: That's right, fat boy. And it looks like you forgot to empty your trash.
  • Dexter: How do you like the taste of that, Mandark? Yes, you might as well give up, you pathetic fool, for my genius is all too mighty and powerful for a stupid fool like yourself. Hey, Mandark, why are you not responding to my insults with your usual incessant banter?
  • Mandark: Dee Dee...
  • Dexter: Dee Dee?
  • Mandark: Dee Dee...
  • Dee Dee: La la la la la la ♪ ♪ la la la la la la ♪ Buttons!
  • Dexter: Dee Dee? Do not touch the buttons, Dee Dee!
  • Dee Dee: Did you say something, Mr. Bunny-doodle? You want some smooches? Ok.
  • Mandark: Uh, that is one lucky bunny.
  • Dexter: Oh, that irritating, feeble-minded, brainless, stupid, nincompoop sister of mine! She will ruin everything with her blockheaded business of buffoonery!
  • Mandark: Hey, you can't talk like that about the woman I love!
  • Dexter: Oh, yeah? Aah! [Click] Dee Dee, put me down.
  • Mandark: Hey, get back here.
  • Dee Dee: La la la la la la la la Whee!
  • Dexter: No! Dee Dee, stop this madness!
  • Mandark: Oh, back for more, eh?
  • Dexter: I think I'm going to be sick.
  • Mandark: Hey, look at me. I'm highlighted.
  • Dee Dee: Eeeny, meeny, miney, mo! Mo! Mo! Mo! Mo! Mo! Mo! Mo!
  • Dee Dee: And this little button went click.
  • Dexter: Ok, Dee Dee, no more of this business of monkeying us up and down and around. We are in serious trouble, and I demand you put a stop to playtime and--
  • Dee Dee: Lalalalalalalalala! Whee! What's that Mr. Bunnydoodle? You wanna paint a picture? Ok!
  • Dexter: Oh, no! Not the ultra-super, high-powered digital painter deluxe of art program! Its capabilities are limitless.
  • Mandark: Gotcha!
  • Dee Dee: Let's go!
  • Mandark: So long, shrimp.
  • Dee Dee: Let's start with some pretty flowers. Now a river of dreams. Hats! Wait, I know! Gingerbread man!
  • Dexter: Aah!
  • Dee Dee: Nah.
  • Dexter: Aah!
  • Dee Dee: Gee, I don't know, bunny. I think there's something still missing. Hmm... I've got it! Whee! [Laughs] And now, Mr. Bunny-doodle, just one last button.
  • Dexter: Dee Dee! Do not touch that button, Dee Dee! I'm not kidding around here, Dee Dee. Dee Dee! Dee--
  • Dee Dee: Ooh, Mr. Bunny-doodle, aren't they just ever so lovely and beautiful? Yep, we are regular artistes.
  • Mandark: This isn't over, Dexter! I'll get you yet-- you and your precious little laboratory, too!
  • Dexter: Oh, give it a rest, will you?
"Hmm, something's still wrong, but what?!"

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