Dexter's Laboratory Wiki
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Student, Scientist
Interests Science
First Appearance Dexter's Laboratory Issue 9

Doreen is a new classmate of Dexter's who only appears in Issue 9 of the Dexter's Laboratory comic. Dexter immediately falls in love with her the first time he sees her, and when they finally speak to each other Doreen reveals that she likes him too and they begin dating. When Dexter shows her his lab, she is at first intrigued by it, but when she reads the calculations for his latest invention, she tells him it will never work and he angrily kicks her out and breaks up with her.


Doreen appears to be very friendly, but will criticize inventions if she sees them as incorrectly built.


Doreen looks very similar to Dexter, and is short like he is. She has short purple hair and wears big glasses with light purple lenses and an outfit like Dexter’s except her coat is dress-like and her gloves are a lighter shade of purple.