Doo Dee is the male alter-ego of Dexter's sister Dee Dee. He only appeared in the episode Oh Brother.


Dexter used a gender-swapping machine to change Dee Dee into a boy thinking that she would be less annoying as a boy. When he did, Doo Dee was much worse than Dee Dee. He always beat him up and abused him. Mom and Dad always loved Doo Dee more than Dexter. In the end of the episode, Dexter lured Doo Dee back into the machine with a foot ball and changed him back into Dee Dee again. After that, Dexter kept loving Dee Dee because she was better than Doo Dee and that he was lucky and glad to have her which left her confused as to his unnatural behavior.


Doo Dee is a big bully strong boy with blonde hair and a blue jacket that had two Ds on it that stand for Doo Dee. He also wears a white shirt under there.


  • Despite technically being a gender-swapped Dee Dee, the way he came into being was quite odd. After Dee Dee was placed in the machine, she simply disappeared and Doo Dee mysteriously appeared in the house the next day while Mom and Dad acted as though Doo Dee was always a boy, making it seem as though the machine not only changed her gender but reality itself.
  • In the episode Old Man Dexter, he was technically mentioned when Dexter was trying to say Dee Dee's name right but kept getting it wrong. Doo Dee was one of the names he said.
  • His relationship with Dexter is similar to the relationship between Lalavava and Mandark.


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