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"Dollhouse Drama"
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"Dollhouse Drama"
"The Justice Friends: Krunk's Date" The Justice Friends: Krunk's Date
Dollhouse Drama
Season 1, Episode 9a
Episode name reference to/pun on: None
Doll House Drama Title Card.png
Air date December 4, 1996
Production number 111a
Storyboard by Rob Renzetti
Dan Krall (Background Design)
Andy Clark & Jane Nussbaum (Background color)
Directed by Rob Renzetti
Paul Rudish (Art Director)

Dollhouse Drama is the first part of the ninth episode of season one of Dexter's Laboratory, which aired on December 4, 1996. In this episode, Dexter starts to grow suspicious about why Dee Dee did not enter his lab on a particular day. He shrinks himself and sneaks inside Dee Dee's room to see her playing with a dollhouse. As a side effect, he becomes an unwilling character in Dee Dee's doll story, thinking it's real, due to the side effects of the shrink ray causing him to mix fantasy and reality.





  • One of the building blocks Dexter lands on is actually a jack-in-the-box, which pops out as the super hero Monkey launching Dexter in the air. 
  • After Dexter returns to normal size, he's still hallucinating as he has Darbie on a Medical Ventilator and hooked up to other machines. Mom & Dee Dee speechless slowly back out and close the door after they walked in on him.

Cultural References

  • Darbie is a parody of the real-life sensational doll Barbie.
  • While Dexter's hallucinating the "ghost of his first love", the hand puppet Dee Dee wears is a cultural reference to the horrific clown Pennywise from the 1990 miniseries Stephen King's It.

Production Notes

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