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"Dollhouse Drama"
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"Dollhouse Drama"
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Dollhouse Drama
Season 1, Episode 9a
Episode name reference to/pun on: None
Doll House Drama Title Card
Air date December 4, 1996
Production number 108a
Storyboard by Rob Renzetti
Dan Krall (Background Design)
Andy Clark & Jane Nussbaum (Background color)
Directed by Rob Renzetti
Paul Rudish (Art Director)

Dollhouse Drama is the first segment of the ninth episode in season one of Dexter's Laboratory. It first aired on December 4, 1996.

In this episode, Dexter grows suspicious about why Dee Dee did not enter his lab. He shrinks himself and sneaks into Dee Dee's room to find her playing with a dollhouse, where he becomes an unwilling character in Dee Dee's soap opera. Due to the shrink ray's side effects causing him to mix fantasy and reality, Dexter thinks the story is real.


Inside Dexter's laboratory, he is working on preserving animals then drives to quadrant four to get his next project. Computer tells Dexter that everything in the lab was working at "optimum efficiency", prompting Dexter to become suspicious. She then runs a scan for Dee Dee in the laboratory, but cannot find any traces of her. Dexter then leaves the lab and goes to stand outside Dee Dee's room door. He overhears her playing with a Darbie doll and one of his robotic toys and thinks she's plotting something against him.

Using the Port-O-Lab, Dexter activates the shrink ray, and Computer warns him that the shrink ray will increase his imagination to dangerous levels and make him lose touch of reality. Dexter ignores the warning and orders Computer to shrink him, which she does so. The now-shrunk Dexter then races toward Dee Dee's room door and crawls in. Inside, he sees a stack of blocks and mistakes them for a skyscraper, then uses a grappling hook to get to the top. Once he's up there, the jack-in-the-box flips open and launches Dexter over to Dee Dee. He tells her he knows she's up to something, but Dee Dee ignores him and assumes he's there to play dolls with her. She then introduces Darbie, Ben, and "Dexter", who the real Dexter mistakes for an evil twin brother.

Dexter quickly learns that Dee Dee was only playing with her dolls and tries to leave her room. However, he gets dragged into Dee Dee's soap opera called "Dollhouse Drama." Dexter tries to leave, but Dee Dee forces him back in. She begins the story with Darbie and Dexter having breakfast. Before Dexter kisses the Darbie doll, Dee Dee drags Dexter to the toy car to prepare for the drive to his lab and then puts him back inside the dollhouse to "get his briefcase." Dexter then sees the Ben and Darbie dolls together, to which he thinks they're kissing each other. Angered and overtaken by his imagination, Dexter takes the Ben doll out and breaks it. He then storms back inside the dollhouse and cries at the sight of his "wife" cheating on him.

He heads to the car and is promptly pushed around by Dee Dee as she runs around her room making engine noises. She then stops on her bed, which she refers to as "Lookout Point". As Dexter imagines himself looking at a city from over a cliff, a female ghost, played by Dee Dee with a clown hand puppet, tells him to forgive Darbie or he'll lose Darbie like he did to her. He agrees to the idea and Dee Dee takes him back to the dollhouse. There, Dexter runs to find his evil twin brother kissing Darbie. She tries to explain everything. Dexter forgives her and lunges at his "twin brother", leaving the robot destroyed.

As Dexter prepares to kiss the Darbie doll, he suddenly grows back to normal size and breaks the entire dollhouse. Dee Dee then runs off to tell Mom while she cries. Dexter looks at the broken Darbie doll and takes him out of Dee Dee's room. Mom and Dee Dee both walk to Dexter's room to find that he set it up as a hospital room for the Darbie doll. They both leave as Dexter lays his head on the bed and goes to sleep.




  • Dad doesn't appear in this episode.

Cultural References[]

  • Darbie is a parody of the real-life sensational doll Barbie.
  • While Dexter's hallucinating the "ghost of his first love", the hand puppet Dee Dee wears is a cultural reference to the horrific clown Pennywise from Stephen King's It.

Production Notes[]