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Doctor Diablos
Gender Male
Species Unknown
Affiliations His demonic henchman
Occupation Super Villain
Interests Conquering the world
First Appearance Star Spangled Sidekicks
Voiced By Jorge Galvan

Doctor Diablos is an armor clad, devil-themed, and powerful super villain who rules over an army of demonic creatures. He is one of The Justice Friends' most dangerous enemies. He speaks with a Spanish accent and commands a horde of Demonic Henchmen. He is voiced by Jorge Galvan. He first appeared in the episode, "Star Spangled Sidekicks".


Doctor Diablos wears a suit of metal armor that covers his entire body along with a red cloak. He also rides on a large red glider with bat-like wings and a horned demonic skull ornament on it. Befitting his name, he has a large pair of horns and a devilish tail which are also made of metal. Due to his armor, it is unknown if he is a human or a demonic entity like his minions.


Doctor Diablos is a devilish being of pure evil who seeks to destroy the Justice Friends. He will not hesitate to put the lives of civilians and danger and will gladly unleash his demonic hoard to destroy anyone who stands in his way, even if they're children. Like any villain, he is not above robbing banks to make some quick cash. He speaks with a strong Spanish accent and his name is Spanish for "Devils", hinting that he may be of Hispanic origin. He is also devoid of any sense of honor or morals, as he was willing to take advantage of Krunk in his supposedly most weakened state and was willing to attack Major Glory in an event filled with defenseless children.


Doctor Diablos' abilities are not fully known, however he seems to be a skilled inventor as he rides around on a high-tech gliding device which has access to explosives. His punches are also quite tough, indicating that he may be in peak physical condition or is superhuman. His most notable trait is that he has complete control over a large army of demonic minions who obey his every command and are quite fearsome in numbers.


Star Spangled Sidekicks[]

Doctor Diablos' is first seen on the Justice Friends' TV show where he is trying to rob a bank but is luckily thwarted by Major Glory. He later interrupts Major Glory's sidekick search at Independence Mall and is defeated again by Major Glory and Diva-Dynamite (Dee Dee), with help from Dex-Star (Dexter).

Pain in the Mouth[]

In order to help remove Krunk's aching tooth, Major Glory loudly yells out that Krunk is weak and defenseless, which causes a horde of powerful super villains to arrive seeking to take advantage of Krunk's "weakened" state in hopes of destroying him. Among the assembled villains is Doctor Diablos who spares no second in unleashing a flurry of punches on Krunk.



  • He is a parody of Doctor Doom and the Green Goblin of Marvel Comics fame.

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