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"Dimwit Dexter"
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"Dimwit Dexter"
"Dexter's Rival" Dexter's Rival
Dimwit Dexter
Season 1, Episode 004 / 5c
Episode name reference to/pun on: None
(The original name, "Dumb Like Dee Dee", is a pun on the phrase "dumb like a fox".)
Dimwit Dexter Title Card.jpg
Air date March 25, 1996 (first airing)
May 25, 1996 (TNT; sneak preview; second airing)
May 26, 1996 (TBS and Cartoon Network; third airing)
Production number 4 (pilot)
106c (series)
Written by Genndy Tartakovsky
Directed by Craig McCracken and Paul Rudish (art direction)
Genndy Tartakovsky

Dimwit Dexter (originally called Dumb Like Dee Dee) is the fourth pilot episode of Dexter's Laboratory. It first aired on March 25, 1996 and later re-aired on May 26, 1996 as part of the third part of episode 5 in season 1. In this episode, Dexter's brain shuts down as a result of him overworking, which leads to him behaving erratically and being the butt of jokes among Dee Dee and the entire neighborhood.


The episode starts with Dexter in his laboratory working on his latest invention. He is stressed to the point where his brain eventually shuts down. Afterwards, Dexter starts acting dumb and committing unusual acts such as licking a blackboard, dropping a rat into a filled beaker, eating a green substance, and repeatedly falling down the stairs. Dee Dee eventually witnesses his odd behavior and with surprised delight at his newfound stupidity takes Dexter to her room to play.

In Dee Dee’s room, Dee Dee and Dexter play dress up and she has given Dexter a makeover with him in a pink frilly dress, with white ballerina stockings, pink mary janes, girly eyelashes, thick red lipstick and with hair braided in pigtails, with Dee Dee admiring how pretty he is and giving her new playmate the name “Ginger.” Dexter is unfazed and continues his stupid oblivious behavior, squealing with delight at a unicorn dolly and giving it a ride with her tongue sticking out while continuing to be stupidly happy eventually making his way outside. Dexter then disrobes behind a bush, revealing his white briefs, gathering the attention of the neighborhood kids in the process.

As the neighborhood kids along with Dee Dee become amused, Dexter is seen performing more unusual acts including jumping into a mud puddle head first, filling himself to maximum capacity with a garden hose, playing in a garbage can and stupidly taking a goldfish and putting it down his underwear then shaking his rear end, much to Dee Dee’s and the neighborhood kids’ amusement.

The kids then gather around to watch Dexter as he prepares to kiss a duck’s behind. Dee Dee reapplies a thick amount of lipstick and Dexter stupidly pulls the duck’s behind in and prepares to give it a tender kiss. Eventually, Dexter's brain turns back on, and realizing how he is dressed as a girl in his underwear and how he did indeed kiss the duck’s behind. He becomes embarrassed of his actions and runs away in horror. The episode ends with a confused and exasperated Dexter still holding the duck in his hands, which proceeds to kiss him back and blink romantically at him.



Episode Connections

Cultural References

  • The line "Sir! She can't take any more!" is derived from the 1966 sci-fi TV show Star Trek: The Original Series.


  • When this episode aired on The Cartoon Cartoon Show, the Cartoon Cartoons theme played over the title card instead of the original music.

Production Notes

  • The episode name was originally titled "Dumb Like Dee Dee".
  • This episode along with "Jurassic Pooch" and "Dial M for Monkey: Orgon Grindor" were produced in the same year of 1996 according to the credits.
  • This is one of a select number of episodes where Dexter is seen in his underwear.
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