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DeeDeemensional "DeeDeemensional" Premiere Order
"Dial M for Monkey: Magmanamus"
"Maternal Combat" Maternal Combat
DeeDeemensional "DeeDeemensional" Production Order
"Dial M for Monkey: Magmanamus"
"Maternal Combat" Maternal Combat
Dial M for Monkey: Magmanamus
Season 1, Episode 1b
Episode name reference to/pun on: The words "magma" and "magnaminous".
Magmanamus Title Card
Air date April 27, 1996 (TNT)
April 28, 1996 (TBS/Cartoon Network)
Production number 102b
Storyboard by Craig McCracken
C. Miles Thompson
Andrew Bialk (Model Design)
Don Shank (Background Design)
Directed by Paul Rudish
Genndy Tartakovsky

Magmanamus is the first episode of Dial M for Monkey, and the second segment of the first episode in season 1 of Dexter's Laboratory. It first aired on April 28, 1996.

In this episode, Magmanamus, an underground lava monster, wants to get some sleep after trying to do so for the past 200 years, but can't due to the city residents making a lot of noise. When he starts going on a rampage, Monkey has to stop him before he can cause any more damage.


The short starts with a bustling and loud city filled with cars, people, and anything that would make a lot of noise normally going by its day, but underneath is a whole other story. Underneath the construction, subway, pipes, and even dinosaur fossils live a lava monster who's rustling in his sleep deep in the magma chamber. He finally gets up and pokes the top of his cave with a broomstick and tries to go to sleep, but then the sound of a skidding car crashing into something anger Magmanamus enough to get him all fired up. A man on the sidewalk is reading a newspaper and refers to how much he hates Mondays doesn't realize the gushing lava beneath until it's too late. The lava erupts and destroys the sidewalk and outcomes Magmanamus in a very large form than before while the citizens stood jaw dropped.

Magmanamus, instead of destroying the whole city, yells at the citizens to quiet down because he's been trying to get some rest for the past 200 years while making rude remarks about them. A sigh of relief comes from Magmanamus as he thinks that the conflict is over until the citizens begin to freak out and run for their lives. Magmanamus tries several times to calm them down but it's no use and has had enough, so he breaks an entire block with a single punch. Back at Dexter's lab, Dexter (voiced by Christine Cavanaugh) wakes up his caged monkey and gives him food so he can begin testing soon. While Dexter is typing on his high-tech computer, he sees that there's volcanic activity in the city, and he gets very happy and believes it to be a new volcano and rushes off to check his "charts". Monkey realizes the suspicious activity so he puts on his Monkey suit and flies off to save the city.

In the city, jets swoop in to destroy the lava monster but fail to do so, and Magmanamus gets even more annoyed when the pilot tries to apologize to him. Monkey flies into the city and finally comes face-to-face with the monster, the monster seems confused at first but when the monkey manages to punch him in the face all the way to some buildings, he gets furious. Magmanamus punches back at Monkey and lands him right into a ringing bell, which unfortunately for Magmanamus makes everything worse, so he starts crying and pleading that all he wanted was a "little silence". Monkey isn't finished yet so he catches Magmanamus off guard and throws him into a few utility poles causing a huge explosion in the city that could be spotted for miles as Monkey taunts the monster.

Magmanamus is visibly at his breaking point with fire all around him, so he pulls off the road and flings into a tsunami formation at Monkey. Monkey gets trapped inside the ruble but is then pulled out by Magmanamus, who then proceeds to fling Monkey into a building side pole which Monkey grabs onto and performs a trick. Magmanamus then blows fire at Monkey and continues to beat him up and punch him into the ground. All of the citizens lay motionless and then chant "Monkey" to annoy Magmanamus, but before he could do any more destruction, Monkey realizes Magmanamus's pleas all along and begins to magically lift the monster in the air and rock him to sleep. Once Magmanamus fell asleep, Monkey slowly put him in one of the holes he had created during their fight. Monkey bursts a sigh of relief and the crowd cheer him on only to Magmanamus silencing them again.

Voice Cast[]

  • Christine Cavanaugh as Dexter and Woman
  • Frank Welker as Monkey, Man #3 and Pilot
  • Brad Garrett as Magmanamus, Man #1 and Driver
  • Tom Kenny as Man #2, Man #4, Man #5



Cultural References[]

  • A man reading the comics says "I hate Mondays," referencing the comic book character Garfield.
  • This is the only segment where Agent Honeydew does not appear.
  • When Monkey carries the sobbing Magmanamus up into the air to hurl him towards a power plant, the sound of the DeLorean time machine from Back To The Future (1985) and its' sequels is heard. The DeLorean sound effect would go on to be used in numerous subsequent episodes, usually to accent someone or something speeding through the air very fast.