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Dial M for Monkey: Huntor
Season 1, Episode 5b
Episode name reference to/pun on: None
Air date June 2, 1996
Production number 105b

Huntor, the fifth episode of Dial M for Monkey, is the second segment of the fifth episode in season one of Dexter's Laboratory. It first aired on June 2, 1996.

In this episode, Monkey has to protect both Agent Honeydew and the Commander from Huntor, an extra-terrestrial hunter that puts their lives on the line when Monkey refuses to be hunted.


At the Dexter family house one night, three robot poachers break into Dexter's laboratory looking for Monkey. Using a handheld radar, they go to Monkey's cage and find Dee Dee hanging upside down and pretending to be a real monkey. When the poachers ask about a girl, Dee Dee hoots then gestures to Monkey having a tea party with Dee Dee's stuffed animals. Monkey catches on and transforms as the poachers fire bubbles at him, but is captured as he is unable to stop them.

Monkey is then beamed into the UFO and he, along with the poachers, head to a terrarium in outer space and take Monkey to meet Huntor, an intergalactic extra-terrestrial hunter. Huntor then shows Monkey his trophy collection and a spot that's reserved just for him. Monkey, however, refuses to turn himself over to Huntor even after he shows Agent Honeydew and the Commander hanging over an ant lion pit and threatens to have them killed. Monkey, more infuriated than ever, bursts out of Huntor's trophy room and lands in a nearby jungle where he frees himself from the bubble.

As Monkey returns to take on Huntor, he is caught off-guard as Huntor comes out with his elephant partner Snorkdro and armed with weapons. As Monkey attacks Huntor, he is quick to counter Monkey with his own weapons, and took out his energy from him using the Negative Ion Blaster, rendering Monkey unable to use his powers. Monkey then flees as Huntor fires his gun at him, with Snorkdro giving chase. Meanwhile, Monkey hides underneath a tree root and Huntor, in a fit of rage, tosses the Monkey Emission Scanner on the ground.

As Snorkdro runs off, Monkey rips off his outfit, builds a trap, draws lines on his face, then calls out to grab Huntor's attention. Huntor turns around to see Monkey standing on a tree branch. As he brandishes his weapons, Monkey throws a coconut at the gun, causing it to get lodged inside the barrel and blow the gun up. He then throws some squash at the Negative Ion Blaster, causing it to short out. As Huntor draws out his next weapon, Monkey throws a rat in front of Snorkdro. Snorkdro gets scared and makes Huntor fall off his back.

Huntor chases after Monkey while wielding a large gun. Monkey then pulls a vine, causing two logs to swing toward Huntor and make the gun explode. Just after, Monkey lures Huntor into a rope trap, snaring Huntor. After slamming into the ground, Huntor becomes dizzy and stumbles into a hole with water. Two eels then bite Huntor, causing him to fly out of the hole and land in front of his base. As Monkey picks Huntor up, he activates the self-destruct system, forcing Monkey to save Agent Honeydew and the Commander within 30 seconds. While Huntor makes an escape to his rocket, Monkey grabs him using his tail and drags him away.

As the terrarium explodes, Monkey, along with Agent Honeydew, the Commander, and Snorkdro, all fly back to Earth and leave Huntor stranded on an alien planet, where he becomes the target of two alien hunters.



  • This episode marks the last time where the Commander is voiced by Robert Ridgely before his passing the following year.

Cultural References[]

  • This episode is a parody of the 1987 movie Predator, now owned by the Walt Disney Company.
  • The character of Huntor and his elephant-alien can be seen again in a Samurai Jack episode, mainly "Mad Jack".
  • One of the stuffed heads Huntor owns bears a big resemblance of Wolverine from Marvel's X-Men comics.

Production Notes[]

  • According to the credits, this episode was produced in 1996. This is the last episode to be released and aired while Turner Broadcasting System Inc. still existed, before the merger with Time Warner the same year, on October 10. The rest of the season 1 episodes, while aired after the merger, were produced before that date.