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"Dial M for Monkey: Huntor"
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Dee Dee's Room "Dee Dee's Room" Production Order
"Dial M for Monkey: Huntor"
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Dial M for Monkey: Huntor
Season 1, Episode 6b
Episode name reference to/pun on: None
Air date June 2, 1996
Production number 104b

Huntor is the sixth episode of Dial M for Monkey and the second part of the sixth episode in season one of Dexter's Laboratory that aired on June 2, 1996. In this episode, Monkey comes face-to-face with Huntor, an extra-terrestrial hunter. He must save both Agent Honeydew and the Commander Chief before time runs out, as both of their lives are on the line.


The story beigins in Dexter's laboratory where three alien bounty hunters beam in. One of the hunters tells the other two their target is close and all three move in. The hunters take aim at Monkey's cage, only to see Dee Dee hanging upside down on Monkey's swing, swinging back and forth. She greets the aliens who tell her they are looking for a monkey, to which she replies that she is a monkey and makes monkey noises. Hunters 1 and 3 are confused and hunter 2 face palms. Hunter 1 then tries a different approach: since Dee Dee is pretending to be a monkey, they surmise that Monkey must be a little girl. When Hunter 1 asks where they might find said little girl, Dee Dee points to Monkey drinking right out of the spout of a teapot. The hunters open fire and Monkey tries his best to fight back only to be captured. The hunters are then beamed aboard their ship and fly to an asteroid where Monkey is taken to a trophy room.

Monkey looks around and when he looks at the trophy of a lion-alien's head, it greets him. Monkey is shocked until the lion-alien pushes the walls and shows his head is still attached to his body and calls himself Huntor. He explains that he lives for the hunt and while he has successfully hunted many creatures, none are more thrilling than the mighty hero, and since Monkey is the mightiest hero, he decides to hunt him, even going so far as to have a special trophy base reserved for him. When he asks Monkey if he's ready to be hunted, Monkey refuses to go along with it, until Huntor pulls a curtain tassle, revealing on the other side Agent Honeydew and Commander tied over a tank of predatory fish aliens and is told to either be hunted or have his friends meet a grissly end. With no choice, Monkey agrees, and Huntor gives Monkey a five second head start.

The hunt begins, with Monkey against Huntor and his arsenal of weapons, incliding a heat-seeking moisture missile to extinguish Monkey's heat vision, an ampliphaser to absorb Monkey's sonic sound attack, amplify it and redirect it, a forcefield designed specifically to usethe exact opposite frequency of Monkey's energy field and a negative ion blaster to depower Monkey's energy field and eat away at the source of his power, leaving him powerless and making him susceptible to lead bullets. At this point all Monkey can do is fly away, but Huntor tracks him down with his Monkey Emission Sensor (M.E.S.), until he loses the signal after Monkey powers down and hides under a tree with exposed roots. Monkey soon realized that in order to beat Huntor, he can't rely on his powers, rather the primal elements. First, he sheds his costume, next he manages to set up various traps, and even grab a mouse alien. With his preparations complete, Monkey dawns some juice from fruit and applies it to his skin like warpaint.

Monkey howls in order to lure out Huntor, who manages to find him. Huntor pulls out two big guns and Monkey counters by throwing a coconut into the barrel of one of the guns, destroying it and a papaya-like fruit in the barrel of the other gun shorting it out. Just as Huntor is about to pull out his next gun, Monkey throws the mouse alien on the ground which scares the elephant-alien and throws Huntor and his weapons off his back. Monkey laughs and runs. Huntor is furious and pulls out his biggest gun and chases after him only to have his gun be caught between two tree battering rams and destroyed. Huntor then leaps to grab Monkey only for him to run at the last second and have Huntor get caught in a noose trap by his ankles which catapults him and have his head collide with tree branches and dazed falls into Monkey's pit trap and have his bottom bitten by eels, causing him to jump out right in front of his manor. Back in costume, Monkey is about to punch Huntor until the latter pushes a button on his belt, activating the asteroid's self-destruct function, giving Monkey 30 seconds to save his friends. As Monkey leaves Huntor makes a run for his escape ship only for Monkey to catch him at the last second with his tail and fly off with Honeydew, the Commander and the elephant alien in tow and drops off Huntor on a planet where he is ironically hunted by giant, red-neck looking aliens.



Cultural References

  • This episode is a parody of the 1987 movie Predator.
  • The character of Huntor and his elephant-alien can be seen again in a Samurai Jack episode, mainly "Mad Jack".
  • One of the stuffed heads Huntor owns bears a big resemblance of Wolverine from Marvel's X-Men comics.

Production Notes

  • According to the credits, this episode was produced in 1996.