Season 2, Episode 32a
Episode name reference to/pun on: None
Air date March 25, 1998
Production number 233a
Storyboard by Craig McCracken
Directed by Genndy Tartakovsky
Craig McCracken (Art Director)

DiM is the first part of episode 32 in season 2 of Dexter's Laboratory, which first aired on March 25, 1998. In this episode, Dexter goes to Hardware House to get a lightbulb to replace the one in his lab that was burnt out.


Dexter is in his lab working on an invention when he looks up and notices a bulb flashing. He rides a platform up to the lights and takes the bulb out. In the kitchen, Mom is preparing dinner and she is interrupted as Dexter rattles his light bulb. She sees that her son needs a new light bulb. Quickly, Mom drops her knife and drives Dexter to the store. On the way, Mom looks at her sad son and tries to console him. A boy is seen playing with his ball and it bounces into the street. The boy gets the ball around the same time he notices Mom's car heading near him. With quick reflexes, Mom slams the brakes on her car and the boy goes back to the sidewalk.

At Hardware House, Dexter watches as several people enter the store between the automated doors. He steps on the black carpet and heads inside the store. Dexter rattles the light bulb to see if anyone could get his attention. There was no response, and Dexter goes to find his replacement light bulb. He soon gets overworked from walking up and down the aisles that he finds the lightbulbs. He takes one and heads to the checkout line. There, Dexter sees an elderly woman getting her chainsaw scanned. Luckily, another checkout line opens and the man happily takes Dexter's money in exchange for the light bulb. Dexter leaves the store with his newly-earned bulb. In the parking lot, Dexter has trouble finding Mom's car and is interrupted as Mom honks her car. They head back home. Dexter puts the new bulb in the slot in his lab and smiles at the bright light. He heads back down to ground level. Dee Dee tells him that all of the bulbs will eventually burn out. Dexter is aware of that, and all of the bulbs, including the one he just bought, burn out.



Cultural References

  • "Mom's Car" shows a California license plate


  • This is one of the episodes where there is little to no dialogue. The second is the season 3 episode A Silent Cartoon.
  • Hardware House is a parody of home improving store chains such as Lowe's and The Home Depot.
  • The watch Dexter used in "Critical Gas" is used again in this episode.
  • Dexter and Dee Dee only speak in the end.
  • Dad has no appearance in this episode
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