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Dextor's Parents are the parents of Dextor and are smarter versions of Dexter's Parents (Mom and Dad). They believe to know what is best for a child like, however despite the strict education and diet they give to their son, they are rather cold and unfeeling and display none of the warmth and love that Dexter's Parents are known for.


  • In the credits, they are simply referred to as Science Mom and Science Dad.
  • Ironically, despite being geniuses, they are completely oblivious to that fact Dextor briefly went missing and they took home the wrong kid. Likely perhaps they are so neglectful. There were obvious signs they missed:
    • Dexter has red hair: Dextor is blonde.
    • Dexter dresses like a scientist; Dextor dresses normal.
    • Dexter speaks properly and precisely; Dextor barely gets out coherent worlds.
    • Dexter snaps at them for their callousness, he speaks in an understandable and reasonable way; Dextor has tantrums where he babbles words.
  • It seems strange their son is a moron, given their intelligence; even the father quips "amazing how the gene pool deals you a wild card."
  • Logically they should have put Dextor up for adoption, or never tried having kids; alternately, it seems they never tried adoption.
  • They are the complete opposites of Dexter's Parents.
    • However, unlike Dexter's Mom, Dextor's Mom wears glasses.

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